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Guidance and results for the data-rich, yet information-poor.

Why Train With The Modeling Agency?


    • “We are overwhelmed with data, but don’t know just what all that data is telling us.”
    • “We need a clear starting point and roadmap to plan and manage our analytic projects.”
    • “We’re concerned about making costly mistakes if we don’t properly approach predictive analytics.”
    • “We’re tired of training programs that only push a certain vendor’s package.”
    • “We need to learn an analytic process fast to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.”
    • “We’re looking for real-world examples where others have successfully applied predictive modeling.”
    • “We want direct hands-on exposure to directly experience what works, what doesn’t, and why.”
    • “We’re focused on action and impact rather than theory.”


…they are looking for an intensive vendor-neutral and non-promotional orientation to predictive modeling methodology, and a structured approach to data mining which is critical to modeling success. They appreciate that a strategic focus is required to properly apply modeling tactics and succeed at the project level. Plus, they’re not tied to a particular analytical product or method, but open to broad perspectives in building the best analytical process for their organization.


TMA works with analytic practitioners and functional managers in business, industry, government and academia that have made substantial investments in data collection, storage, retrieval, visualization and basic analysis but may not have the experience to chart an overall analytic roadmap in order to discover the full potential of their data. They are not sure where to begin, or continue to see their data mining projects fall short but aren’t sure why.

Now that you know the kind of people that attend our training sessions, the issues we help them resolve, and what attendees need to do to ensure their success, learn more about how TMA trains.


What’s it like to take courses from The Modeling Agency?  In this section, you will understand TMA’s guiding principles toward implementation success, approach to training, and how we’re different than any other company that offers analytic training.

    • When you take our training courses, you can expect to experience full-scale analytic projects directly through work-along sessions. This helps you directly experience how predictive modeling can be effectively used in your organization. TMA’s progressive workshop labs not only make predictive modeling easier to understand, but reinforce the strategy necessary to structure your analytic projects.
    • Along with de-mystifying data mining, our courses are guaranteed to get you up to speed quicker yet more thoroughly than any other training program available. TMA’s highly seasoned trainers guide you through cycles of brief lecture, demonstration and working sessions to efficiently transfer process knowledge and reinforce skills for lasting effect.
    • Whether the Classroom or Online, TMA’s events are the most engaging and immersive events available. A recent study found that 94% of Course participants do not complete their training. Our live online events are highly interactive with frequent demonstrations, progressive labs, and polling that drives break-out exercises. We have taken every measure to make the online experience feel and perform just like classroom. Q&A sessions are supported both in text windows as well as live audio.
    • Enjoy an unrestricted view of data mining. You will be exposed to a low-risk / high-impact phased project development methodology from a non-vendor point of view. To provide a realistic view of analytic implementation, numerous popular open-source and commercial software solutions will be leveraged in the training… not to showcase tools, but to illustrate methods and demonstrate live examples. TMA’s unbiased approach will guide you through the many options and strategies available that meet your needs…not the interests of a particular software vendor or solution provider.
    • Dive into predictive analytics without fear. If you are apprehensive about how to evaluate and approach predictive analytics for your industry, be assured that you will walk away with a wealth of templates and resources that will remove the mystification around predictive modeling. You will leave with a clear roadmap to get started and a wealth of resources to guide you through full process development in the Strategic Implementation course.


At TMA’s Predictive Analytics and Data Mining courses, participants directly experience the natural messiness of predictive modeling and learn first-hand how to overcome common yet elusive pitfalls that plague the majority of implementations at the project level. Beyond building superior models, attendees learn how to plan and manage data analytics projects effectively from the start. Through structured case-driven demonstrations and guided work-alongs, practitioners and leadership alike will transform their glut of data into actionable insights.

TMA’s faculty is proficient in the overall landscape of today’s analytic tools. Real life demonstrations and exercises not only make predictive modeling easier to understand, but also convey the strategy necessary to stand up successful projects.

This knowledge and skill reinforcement will place your organization months – if not years ahead in predictive modeling research, planning and development, while virtually eliminating implementation risk through an incremental development approach not conveyed in any other training program.


The Modeling Agency has provided training and solutions through structured collaboration for hundreds of highly recognizable organizations. TMA is registered with INFORMS (the INstitute For Operations Research and the Management Sciences) as a Recognized Analytics Continuing Educational Provider for the CAP® (Certified Analytics Professional) program. Many commercial organizations and government agencies have invited TMA to return multiple times over a multi-year span for tailored on-site productions.

Still not ready?? Sign up to take part in a one-hour live interactive free webinar entitled “Predictive Analytics: Failure to Launch” with a few of our primary instructors.



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Attendee Comments

“Upon taking TMA’s Predictive Analytics courses, I could immediately feel the difference since I struggled earlier with a similar online course offered by an established public university. There is no comparison between the dedicated, interactive instructor-led course and an online class. The added benefit is an end-to-end data mining process that insists on actionable results–those that are truly understood by leadership.”

Michael F.
Senior Analyst

“Great presentation and summarization of predictive analytics. I sat through two days of the Predictive Analytics World conference and got less from that than I received in the first two hours of this course! Thanks!”


“The instructor was great and the instructor was very knowledgeable. It was just at the right level, not to general and not too technical.”

Doug Rosenberg
Technical Consultant

“The instructor and course material are first rate. Any organization that believes data mining should be a part of their business operations portfolio would be making a wise investment by attending this course.”

Eric Rickard
Information Computing Sciences
SRI International

“Both instructors in the series did a fantastic job of getting me up to speed in predictive analytics much faster than any book (or probably any other training class or conference) available.”

Raymond G. Henderson
Knowledge-Based Systems Engineer
Compliance Technologies, Inc.