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Why Train With The Modeling Agency?


    • “We are overwhelmed with data, but don’t know just what all that data is telling us.”
    • “We’re not just seeking to build technical expertise, but deliver real value to the organization”
    • “We need a clear starting point and roadmap to plan and manage our analytic projects.”
    • “We’re concerned about making costly mistakes if we don’t properly approach analytics.”
    • “We need to advance our organization’s overall analytic capability.”
    • “We’re tired of training programs that only push a certain vendor’s package.”
    • “We need to build an effective analytic operation to capitalize on valid opportunities.”
    • “We want exposure to real-world cases where others have successfully applied analytics.”
    • “We want direct exposure to experience first-hand what works, what doesn’t, and why.”
    • “We’re focused on action, impact and adoption rather than theory.”
    • “We want to stand out with analytic leadership traits that are goal-driven.”


Unlike any other training in the marketplace, TMA’s provides live, engaging training on the dynamics specific to organizational analytic implementation. TMA’s full analytic process framework addresses analytic team role functions and unique soft skills required for projects to actually be implemented and deliver real value. TMA’s training is vendor-neutral, and facilitated by seasoned consultants who actively engage in analytic implementations in medium and large organizations.

As the illustration shows, TMA’s training allows participants to join a truly elite group of high-value analytic leaders. No other organization delivers analytic training at this level.

Unlike methodological training which can be effectively delivered in a self-paced on-demand format, TMA’s strategic experiential training requires live interactive engagement. Participants directly experience the natural messiness of organizational analytics and learn first-hand how to overcome common pitfalls that plague the majority of enterprise implementations.

Learn how to plan and manage data analytics projects effectively from the start. Through structured case-driven demonstrations and guided breakout sessions, practitioners and leadership collaborate to address the unique dynamics inherent in larger organizations.

TMA’s training will place your organization months – if not years – ahead in analytic process research, planning and development, and virtually eliminate implementation risk.


TMA’s training engages data scientists, analytic practitioners, functional managers, subject matter experts and leaders in business, industry, government and academia. Real-world project cases, a formal organizational-level implementation framework and guided discussion enables team rolls to collaborate effectively. This minimizes common dysfunction between organizational roles to apply the right talent at the right times toward a clearly defined purpose.


    • When you take TMA’s training, you can expect to collaborate and engage in a full-scale organizational analytic implementation. This helps you directly experience how predictive modeling can be effectively used in your organization. TMA’s progressive exercises not only make analytics implementation easier to understand, but reinforce the strategy necessary to structure your analytic projects.
    • Along with demystifying analytics, TMA’s courses are guaranteed to make you effective more quickly than any other training program available. TMA’s highly seasoned trainers guide you through cycles of brief lecture, demonstration and guided workshops to efficiently transfer process knowledge and reinforce skills.
    • Whether the Classroom or Live Online Experiential, TMA’s events are the most engaging and immersive available. A recent professional training study found that 97% of on-demand course participants do not complete their training. In contrast, 100% of participants who start TMA’s training stays to completion, whether in the Classroom or Live Online. TMA has taken every measure to make the online experience feel and perform just like classroom. Participants interact, benefit and depend on the contributions of others in the class. 
    • TMA clients understand that developing accurate models isn’t enough. Multiple roles in the organization must be effectively engaged in order to arrive at results that are measurable, accountable, understandable, actionable, impactful and residual. As such, effective knowledge transfer requires live participation.
    • You will be exposed to a process development methodology from a non-vendor point of view. Numerous popular open-source and commercial software solutions will be leveraged in the training, not to showcase tools, but to illustrate methods and demonstrate live examples. TMA’s unbiased approach will guide you through the many options that meet your needs, not the interests of a particular software vendor or solution provider.


The Modeling Agency has provided training and solutions through structured collaboration for hundreds of highly recognizable organizations. Many commercial organizations and government agencies have invited TMA to return multiple times over a multi-year span for tailored on-site productions.

Still not ready? Sign up to take part in a one-hour live interactive free webinar entitled “Predictive Analytics: Failure to Launch” with a few of our primary instructors.


Whether you choose the physical classroom or TMA’s live online experiential training platform, you will receive the most progressive and engaging event available.  TMA training proceeds through cycles of short lecture, then demonstration, polling, exercise break-out sessions and guided discussion.  This structure cycles though a project storyboard with coordinated exercises that build upon an end-to-end process framework specific to the unique dynamics inherent in organization-level analytic implementation.



        • Focus.  You are removed from office distractions and temptations.
        • Greater Instructor Access. Instructors are very accessible outside of class time and pleased to join attendees for lunch and dinner to provide extended strategy sessions.
        • Luxurious Venues.  These courses are produced at top-tier properties. View the site details of the upcoming scheduled events to see each premier setting.


        • Convenience.  Training right at your desk.
        • Connectivity.  Participants in TMA’s online production experience the full interactive feel and live dynamic of the physical classroom.
        • Retention. Slower learning over a longer timeframe allows for deeper absorption of content.
        • Lower Cost. No time lost to travel. No travel expenses required.
        • Relaxed Dress Code. Webcams are encouraged for discussion sessions, but wear your favorite slippers.


        • Customization.  Your group.  Your topics.  Instructors can tailor examples and general delivery to target your areas of interest.
        • Convenience.  Production at your location, and on your terms.
        • Volume Savings.  Onsite productions enjoy combined discounts for the number of training days and number of participants.
    Digital and Print Documentation. Presentation slides along with extensive supporting instructor notes, glossary and referenced resources are included. Live Online participants receive a digital copy across five devices for five years and may opt for a free print copy (international shipping fees apply). Online participants also receive a full indexed recording of all presentation, demonstrations, polling and group interactions of the entire event. Physical classroom participants receive both print and digital copies.

    Slides. Hundreds of slides that clearly illustrate each concept, lesson and approach are professionally produced and included with the digital documentation. Click on the icon at right to view a sample of the presentation slides.

    Resources. A broad resources section with glossary, recommended books, LinkedIn groups, associations, conferences, commercial and open-source software and online communities are included in the course notes.

    Certification. On the course evaluation form, select a paper or PDF certificate. The certification level is based upon tested comprehension and ability:

      • Certificate of Completion
      • Certificate of Merit*
      • Certificate of Basic Proficiency*
      • *Comprehensive Course Only

    The certificate carries the INFORMS stamp of accreditation and continuing education units.

    Physical Classroom. Though some may view analytics as a dry subject, TMA’s seasoned faculty brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the topic, and participants say that it’s contagious. View the luxurious venues and active facilitation to see what you’ll experience at TMA’s classroom events.

    LIVE Online Experiential Platform. TMA’s live online training experience will make you forget that you’re not actually in the physical classroom. Watch this video to see the various engagement modes that keep all participants fully immersed. The gap between TMA’s physical classroom and online production is barely noticeable – mainly separated by TSA lines, ground transportation and travel expenses.

    Accreditation. The Modeling Agency, LLC, is registered with INFORMS (the INstitute For Operations Research and the Management Sciences) as a Recognized Analytics Continuing Educational Provider for the CAP® (Certified Analytics Professional) program. The CAP® credential provides analytics professionals with a means to distinguish themselves and demonstrate to employers, colleagues, and the public that they are knowledgeable analytics professionals. Courses provided by The Modeling Agency, LLC, are automatically accepted by INFORMS when claimed by credential holders as evidence of continuing education. For more information about the CAP® program, including requirements, eligibility, benefits, preparation, and exam dates, please visit the INFORMS website at

    Verified Veteran-Owned Small Business. The Modeling Agency, LLC (“TMA”) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE). TMA is eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities.


Predictive Analytics Webinar

Learn How to Get Predictive Modeling Off the Ground and Into Orbit

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Thursday, December 6, 2018
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Attendee Comments

“The instructor is knowledgeable, well organized, and interacts extremely well with participants. If you have only two days to learn about data mining, TMA’s Model Development course is the class you should attend.”

Yiguang Qiu, PhD
Marketing Department
Amica Insurance

“This course is a great overview of available predictive analytics methods and techniques that provides an organizing framework for your model development efforts.”

April Smith
Lead Workforce Analytics

“I am thrilled with what I got out of the Advancing the Analytics-Driven Organization course. You have a clear and uniquely valuable way of explaining analytics as a strategic enterprise asset. I really appreciate the effort you gave. My whole company thanks you! I’ll be talking to my partners and will be taking more of your training in the future.”

Justin Rives
Owner, EVP of Delivery

“I really only had one goal heading into the course, and that was to learn the organizational framework required in order for analytics projects to have success. I learned a great deal in this regard that my co-workers and I can take directly back to our organization and apply. The instructor provided great examples and stories from his lengthy experience. He has seen and encountered so much that he was able to answer questions and provide fitting examples extremely effectively. The discussions and exercises throughout the training conveyed through various software tools was just icing on the cake.”

Kyle Foltz
Senior Financial Analyst

“Data Analytics is not merely about the statistical techniques, but also the ability to understand the context of the problems, to ask the right questions, and to establish the performance metrics that are relevant and crucial to answer these questions. It requires a service design mentality, and that’s what this class delivers”

Ting-Shuo Yo
Data Scientist
ASUSTeK Computer inc.

“The instructor is also a consultant. He fully understands real world scenarios, and a project approach to effective execution.”

Jean M. Cotis
Application Development Manager
UPS Freight

“I look forward to applying what we learned during this course to current and new projects. We will be more organized, efficient and effective by applying the concepts and techniques delivered in this class.”

Sean Schmitt
US Customs and Border Patrol

“The scope and pace of the class were spot on for me, exactly what I was looking for. The real world examples from industry veterans were both insightful and beneficial. The class ultimately helped to strip away the buzz words and hype surrounding the industry, and revealed the truly valuable foundation of this remarkable combination of art and science.”

Eric Vajentic
Senior Business Analyst
Cerner Corporation

“This is a must-attend course for those who would like to get started in the amazing world of Predictive Analytics & Data Mining. Without going into theoretical details, it covers every important step in the development of predictive models.”

Ivan Mendoza
Database Marketing & Predictive Analytics Expert
Cogeco Cable

“This course was very enlightening. I was suprised to see the many ways predictive analytics can be applied!”

Roxanne Ramos
Business Operations Analyst
Toshiba America Medical Systems

“The wealth of information covered in these courses, as well as the in-depth demonstrations of multiple software packages, made the sessions valuable from a wide range of perspectives. I will certainly recommend that others attend.”

Brent King
AVP, Managed Care
Analytics / Business Development
Health Smart Preferred Care
“Upon taking TMA’s Predictive Analytics courses, I could immediately feel the difference since I struggled earlier with a similar online course offered by an established public university. There is no comparison between the dedicated, interactive instructor-led course and an online class. The added benefit is an end-to-end data mining process that insists on actionable results–those that are truly understood by leadership.”

Michael F. Senior Analyst
“The instructor and course material are first rate. Any organization that believes data mining should be a part of their business operations portfolio would be making a wise investment by attending this course.”

Eric Rickard Information Computing Sciences SRI International
“Both instructors in the series did a fantastic job of getting me up to speed in predictive analytics much faster than any book (or probably any other training class or conference) available.”

Raymond G. Henderson Knowledge-Based Systems Engineer Compliance Technologies, Inc.