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Why Are You Ignoring Your Data?

Data AnalyticsRecently, Forbes published a superb article titled “It’s Your Data, Stupid,” in which they present many concrete examples of how data mining contributed heavily to success in everything from politics to retail. While The Modeling Agency won’t go so far as to call you “stupid” for not engaging in data mining, please do read the Forbes piece and see just how increasingly vital data mining is to businesses and organizations everywhere.

Data mining is the means by which you unlock the hidden riches in your company’s data. On the surface, your data may seem a discombobulated mess. But beneath the surface are relationships and patterns that, when properly mined and used as the basis of predictive modeling, can teach you a tremendous amount about your existing customers and your leads. “If you are not focused on optimal data mining and using all the latest data science tools, you are missing an important success factor,” Forbes declared. TMA agrees.

If you’re seeking additional examples of how data mining helps businesses, see The Modeling Agency’s blog post “Practical Examples of Data Mining.”

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