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What Predictive Analytics Pros Don’t Do (But Need To)

Business Intelligence and Predictive AnalyticsRecently Eric King, president and founder of The Modeling Agency, contributed a featured article to BeyeNETWORK’s BI Trends+Strategies.

The article, which appeared in the September 2012 edition, is entitled “What Predictive Analytics Pros Don’t Do (But Need To)”. In the article, Eric explains how lack of preparation dooms data analysis projects. He discusses five key things that business intelligence professionals frequently overlook when mounting projects. Proper preparation, training, solid design, asking the right questions and avoiding distractions are all examined as ways to avoid common pitfalls that cause problems for analytics pros.

You can read the September 2012 issue on the BeyeNETWORK site in PDF format. Eric’s article begins on page 3.

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