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Want to be More Relevant? Predictive Analysis is Key.

Relevance“Relevance” is today’s marketing watch word. If customers don’t feel your message is relevant to them then they’ll tune you out, wasting the money that you put into attracting them in the first place.

The challenge, then, is to reach the right people at the right time. Data helps, but as Marketing Profs points out, having a mountain of data does not solve the problem.

Predictive analysis, on the other hand, does solve the problem.

Mountains of data don’t solve a core problem. How do you use that real-time data for true insights into buyer behaviors? Can we identify what causes one customer to buy and another to leave your site or Facebook page and never return? Can we apply predictive analytics to optimize those insights over time?

The answer to all three of these questions is, of course, “yes!” Marketers need to develop customer personas not just in broad categories, but also in highly targeted groups by using rich, multi-channel data sets to micro-segment the buyers they hope to reach.

The article went on to discuss an example of these segments, noting two types of customers who might frequent a sports arena: “Family Man Phil” and “Businessman Bob,” both of whom purchase tickets but for different reasons. Thus, both customers have different needs, goals, desires, and concerns. What is relevant to Phil won’t be relevant to Bob.

Predictive analytics tells you where Phil and Bob are most likely to look for information about your stadium, what will make them go ahead and buy those tickets, and what you need to say to make sure they know you have what they need and want.

You see, predictive analytics aren’t just a tool that tells you what people are going to do. It’s also a tool that can tell you what you should do if you want them to respond in a certain way. And you do–you want them to listen to you, to buy your products, and to come back for more.

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