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Are You Using Your Algorithm, or Being Used By It?

AlgorithmPeople often ask about various algorithms during TMA webinars. Often, the question revolves around whether or not TMA covers this or that algorithm in any training course.

But an algorithm is just a tool in a larger tool box, so this question is a little bit like asking a carpenter whether or not he ever uses his hammer, or his screwdriver.

It’s concerning to watch so many people get fixated on this or that analytical method. No algorithm or analysis method can magically solve business problems.

Instead, it’s up to the analyst to solve business problems by learning what the algorithm can do, just as it’s up to the carpenter to learn how to build a house by knowing when it’s time to use the hammer and when it’s time to use the screwdriver.

Otherwise, you’re just throwing data into a system. The system’s going to spit out a result, but it won’t necessarily spit out a useful result.

If you don’t learn how to master your tools, then your tools will master you. When that happens, you will be unable to realize the full potential of data mining and predictive analytics.

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