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PredictiveInsight™ Support and Implementation Packages

Get Rapid Results, Retained Knowledge Capital and Lasting Skills


Since 1997, The Modeling Agency has lead dozens of Unica PredictiveInsight™ (PI) customers to make rapid and lasting impact with predictive analytics, build “predictive modeling factories” and transfer knowledge to maintain highly targeted customer treatments and interactions.

Beyond training on PI itself, TMA offers customizable and scalable programs that apply data mining best-practices with proven strategy and techniques to ensure your early and lasting success with PI.  Review highlights on the focus of four available support programs for PI described below and follow the links to complete details for each program.


Refer to the table below and choose the scale of training and support that is a match
for your team’s experience and your organization’s situation and objectives:

Service Description
PredictiveInsight™ Training A two-day intensive overview of data mining and working introduction to PredictiveInsight™
PredictExpress Package A two-stage training and application workshop progression with remote interim support
Comprehensive Application
Workshop Progression
A multi-stage application workshop series that provides parallel model development and reinforcement training
Public Data Mining Training Public data mining courses to establish a baseline knowledge of data mining strategy, methods and practice


TMA is a highly structured agency of senior data mining and predictive modeling consultants each of whom possess all of the following qualities:

  • At least seven years of practical experience in leading the development of data mining and predictive modeling projects across industries

  • Experienced consultants who possess the business acumen to strategically align a client’s situation, environment, resources and objectives with the resulting solution — and avoid building excellent models that answer the wrong questions, are uninterpretable or unimplementable.

  • “Multi-Lingual,” meaning that TMA consultants can interact effectively whether engaged with an experienced statistician, user, functional manager or executive



TMA has provided on-site Affinium Model and PredictiveInsight™ workshops for the following highly recognizable organizations:

  • Alltel
  • eBay
  • Aetna
  • PayPal
  • Acxiom
  • Quaero
  • PC Mall
  • GM Card
  • Ararmark
  • LA Times
  • Circuit City
  • US Cellular
  • Day-Timers
  • Dollar Bank
  • HCIA-Sachs
  • KSL Resorts
  • Radio Shack
  • TN Marketing
  • Guitar Center
  • Rural Cellular
  • Choice Hotels
  • Manhattan East
  • Bank of America
  • CMS Enterprises
  • AmeriMark Direct
  • The Home Depot
  • Wearguard-Crest
  • Bank of Oklahoma
  • Corporate Express
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • United Retail Group
  • Jockey International
  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Maritz Loyalty Marketing
  • Nissan Motor Company
  • Baltimore Sun Company
  • Kohl’s Department Stores
  • USAA Insurance Company
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Ingalls Healthcare Systems
  • AAA Life Insurance Company
  • MTI Information Technologies
  • American Medical Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Kerzner International North America
  • Fund-Raising Division of a Research Hospital
  • Information Services International – Dentsu (Japan)


To further explore services that would best serve you and your organization, please do not hesitate to contact a TMA services consultant today: