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UK Supermarket Chain Uses Big Data to Reduce Energy Costs

TescoThe UK supermarket giant Tesco already uses big data in all of the ways that are standard to the industry. They use loyalty card data and data on the ways that customers interact with the store to drive more sales and create good promotions. Now, however, they’re using big data to tackle a new problem–energy consumption and costs in their stores.

The initiative targets in-store refrigerators and other equipment. Computer Weekly explained the project in a recent article.

“The move will help the retailer cut its refrigeration energy costs by up to 20% across 3000 stores in the UK and Ireland.

…The project, which used sophisticated computer systems to analyze gigabytes of refrigeration data, revealed that, without realizing it, many Tesco stores in Ireland were running their refrigerators at a lower temperature than necessary.

“Ideally, we keep our refrigerators at between -21 degrees Celsius and -23 degrees Celsius, but in reality we found we were keeping them colder. That came as a surprise to us,” said John Walsh, Tesco’s energy and carbon manager for Ireland.

…The data warehouse takes readings every three seconds from in-store sensors, processes the data in real time, and displays the results on a Google map which shows the performance of refrigerators in more than 120 Irish stores. It is also able to monitor and control the performance of Tesco’s heating and lighting systems.”

Whether it’s making changes, cutting costs, detecting fraud or predicting the effects of proposed changes in a store, big data, properly utilized, is a big help to business.

It all starts with getting the proper training on how to make the best possible use of that data. The Modeling Agency offers a free webinar to help business owners get a handle on the possibilities, and TMA’s other predictive analytics training courses can help you refine and strengthen your strategy so that your business enjoys the best possible results for its efforts.

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