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What People Are Saying About TMA’s
Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Course Series



The wealth of information covered in these courses, as well as the in-depth demonstrations of multiple software packages, made the sessions valuable from a wide range of perspectives. I will certainly recommend that others attend.

Brent King
AVP, Managed Care Analytics / Business Development
HealthSmart Preferred Care

“The instructor is knowledgeable, well organized, and interacts extremely well with participants. If you have only two days to learn about data mining, TMA’s Model Development course is the class you should attend.”

Yiguang Qiu, PhD
Marketing Department
Amica Insurance


“Great presentation and summarization of predictive analytics.  I sat through two days of the Predictive Analytics World conference and got less from that than I received in the first two hours of this course!  Thanks!”


“The instructor and course material are first rate. Any organization that believes data mining should be a part of their business operations portfolio would be making a wise investment by attending this course.”

Eric Rickard
Information Computing Sciences
SRI International

When the only complaint is that the course could be longer, I think you’ve got an excellent class!  I very much enjoyed the instructor’s use of a real data set to demonstrate principles taught throughout the entire class. The instructor went out of his way both before and during the class to help me to translate the class material to my own work.”

Susan Glass
Senior Engineer, Biological Technologies Analysis Solutions

“This course gave me a new perspective on techniques and applications software that our federal agency had not previously seen. The course content was great, and the very knowledgeable instructor kept the students attention by using real-life examples and discussion of additional resources. I highly recommend this course!”

Larry P. Taylor
US Department of Education

“I was a bit apprehensive about attending and how I could apply data mining concepts to my particular industry, but the instructor put those fears to rest. Highly recommended!  Thanks TMA!”

Lewis Kohnle
Planner / Analyst
The Mitchell Gold Company

“This class gives the Statistician a bunch of new tools to use in solving business problems. Once the limitations of statistics are reached, grab this data mining tool belt.  You will be surprised how much further you can get.”

Raymond D. Mooring, PhD
Wage and Investment Research
Internal Revenue Service

“The instructor’s effective communication and presentation skills provided us the confidence to understand the proper use of data mining in our new roles as analysts. His genuine interest and concerns for adaptation to each student level in addition to his experience and understanding enabled proactive class participation conducive to learning. This was extremely helpful for those of us with no data mining background. Our sincere thanks for an overall excellent experience!”

Ana Lemmon and Elisabetta Halkard
Office of Special Investigations
US Air Force

This course was fabulous. It was everything I hoped it would be – technical and practical. The instructor is amazing and the resources he gave to further my studies was also helpful.

Jenifer Underwood
Solutions Architect
Bayshore Solutions

“The class was great! I was really impressed with the instructor’s knowledge, experience, and ability. He was able to answer everyone’s questions thoroughly and tailor the class to individual needs. I learned so much about the data mining process, the different methods, and available tools. I highly recommend this course to both technical and non-technical people interested in leading-edge data mining methodologies and the application of current data mining software to marketing, business, and research endeavors.”

Stephen Pearce
Preventive Medicine
Kaiser Permanente



“There is no better way to learn Data Mining than to do it yourself. Take this course for an invaluable hands-on experience of project definition and implementation. Even if your organization does not adopt predictive analytics as standard, you will have acquired a much needed skill set.”


Raymond D. Mooring, PhD
Wage and Investment Research
Internal Revenue Service

This course gave me just what I needed: a clear conceptual idea of how a data mining project is designed and implemented, and the hands-on to gain confidence in the process.”

Dotty Korsey
Market Information Manager
Bank of Hawaii

“This course opened my eyes to the big picture in a practical way.  The content of  the Project Implementation course was very clear and responsive to my needs.  My questions were answered directly and clearly.  Exceeded my expectations!”

Bill Scharffenberg
ITS – Business Solutions
Surewest Communications

“I would recommend TMA’s Project Implementation cousre to executives weighing the costs and benefits of such projects within their organizations. Tony approaches the course from a business management perspective and presents the concepts in real-world cases making the task of visualizing use of the process in one’s own business a snap!”

Kelli R. Schultz
AVP, Information Technology
iPay, LLC

“The instructor’s presentation was quite thoughtful and very well organized. I came away with a solid map for the ever changing data mining landscape.”

David Cousins
Divisional Scientist
BBN Technologies

“Statisticians and Analysts alike can benefit from this Data Mining course. It is interesting to view the business objective from the other side of the coin. Exploratory Data Analysis in Data Mining is fun because the causality constraint of classical Statistics is relaxed. Take this course and open up to another way of dealing with large data sets.”

Raymond D. Mooring, PhD
Wage and Investment Research
Internal Revenue Service

“The ‘Project Implementation’ course successfully takes the broad and complex subject of data mining and organizes and explains it in a very logical and understandable way. The training provides real-life examples of the various aspects of data mining and a proven approach to successfully achieving desired results. I can highly recommend TMA’s Data Mining courses to anyone interested in understanding the broad landscape of data mining and predictive analytics.”

Dillon Ridguard
Principal, Technology Services Group
Computer Sciences Corporation

“If you want a thorough introduction to predictive analytics at the project level with a wealth of real world experience solving problems, then Tony’s your guy.”

Elies Koudier
Professor of Marketing
Ferris State University

“A great experience. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in Predictive Analytics.”

Maisam  Salehi
Analyst, Customer Insights
Giant Food Stores

“This class, by far,  is the most interesting, motivating and applicable class I have taken in a very long time.  Tony provides a refreshingly different perspective on predictive modeling and approach methodology.  Not only would  I absolutely recommend this course to any colleague or anyone interested in the practical, yet powerful insights into predictive modeling, but I may look into additional learning and or professional services opportunities.  I can’t wait to get back to work and jump right into applying the concepts and learnings.”


“Both instructors in the series did a fantastic job of getting me up to speed  in predictive analytics much faster than any book (or probably any other training class or conference) available.”

Raymond G. Henderson
Knowledge-Based Systems Engineer
Compliance Technologies, Inc.

“Attending The Modeling Agency’s series was a tremendously rewarding experience, helping me to ‘de-mystify data mining’ and interface with exceptionally intelligent people who live in the data mining world.”

Dr. Joan L. Anderson
Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles
Washington State University


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