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Public Training for Strategy, Methods and Application in Predictive Modeling

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“We have a great deal of data about our customers or process, but we don’t know just what all that data is telling us.”

“We need a clear starting point and roadmap to plan and manage our data-mining projects.”

“We’re concerned about making costly mistakes if we don’t properly approach predictive analytics.”

“We’re tired of training programs that only push a certain vendor’s package.”

“We need to learn the tactics and strategies behind data-mining fast to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.”

“We’re looking for real-world examples where others have successfully applied predictive modeling. We’re more focused on impact than theory.”


…they are looking for an intensive, vendor-neutral and non-promotional orientation to data mining best practices, and an approach to predictive analytics which is critical to modeling success. They appreciate that strategic process is just as important as the tactics needed to build predictive models. Plus, they’re not tied to a particular analytical product or method, but open to varied perspectives in building the best analytical process for their company and markets.


We work with business practitioners and functional managers in business, industry, government and academia, who have made substantial investments in data collection, storage, retrieval, visualization and basic analysis but may not have technical or analytical experience necessary to chart a roadmap to discover the full potential of their data. They are either not sure where to begin, or have realized their data mining projects fall short of their potential due to flawed or overlooked assessment, project definition and strategic planning specifically for information discovery.

Now that you know the kind of people that attend our training sessions, the issues we help them resolve, and what attendees need to do to ensure their success, learn more about how we train.


What’s it like to take courses from The Modeling Agency? In this section, we’ll give you a sense of our guiding principles toward implementation success, approach to training, and how we’re different than other companies that offer data mining training.

When you take our training courses, you can expect to see real-world applications and cases from a business perspective. This helps you and your team more easily visualize how predictive modeling can be effectively used in your business. Our real life examples not only make predictive modeling easier to understand, but gives you a sense of the strategy necessary to structure your data mining projects and leverage the valuable information in your data.

Along with de-mystifying data mining, our courses are guaranteed to get you up to speed quicker than any other training program available. Our highly experienced trainers guide you through an interactive series of courses that are well-organized and called “first rate” by our many satisfied participants.

Don’t fall for the false promises of online training for predictive analytics. You may save a buck or two, but at the end of the day you will only have gained a superficial orientation to the subject. TMA has purposely not produced online courseware since the online channel cannot effectively convey the nuances of a discovery process, ensure attendance accountability, sustain adequate interactivity, adjust for the pace and depth of the classroom, distribute experience efficiently across the group and reinforce the skills from which to effectively launch your own process or practice.

Enjoy an unrestricted view of data mining. You will be exposed to proven perspectives from a non-vendor point of view. Numerous popular data mining solutions are utilized in the training… not to showcase tools, but to illustrate methods and demonstrate live applications. Our unbiased approach will guide you through the many options and strategies available that meet yourneeds…not the interests of a particular software vendor or solution provider.

Dive into predictive analytics without fear. If you are apprehensive about how to evaluate and approach predictive analytics for your particular industry, you can be assured that you will walk away with a wealth of resources that will remove the mystification around predictive modeling. The results will produce substantial efficiencies and gains. Here’s just a sampling of the many benefits of applying predictive modeling across industries:

Targeting the optimal allocation of operational resources

Ways to acquire more customers who will perform like your most profitable customers

Optimizing agronomic indicators for treatments that will maximize crop yield

Accuracy improvements to inventory forecasting

Anticipating who is about to leave as a customer and the most effective treatment to retain

Focus auditing efforts for more effective loss prevention, etc.

Register with confidence, as The Modeling Agency has provided training and solutions forhundreds of highly recognizable organizations. Still not ready?! Sign up to take part in a one-hour live interactive free webinar entitled “Predictive Analytics: Failure to Launch” with our primary instructors.


Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by attending our courses as well as our approach and philosophy of working with you, select from the options below to obtain details about upcoming events:

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Register at least six weeks prior to the next scheduled production and choose between 10% off your registration fee or $100 in Gift Cards. Or register at least ten weeks prior to the next scheduled production and choose between 20% off your registration fee or $200 in Gift Cards at the event for your personal use anywhere that the American Express card is accepted. Simply enter code “KDNAMX11” in the “Special Considerations” field of the registration form. Bring your friends and colleagues and the third and subsequent registrants on the same order receive a 30% reduction of the individual course fee, or 20% off the series pricing.