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The Future of Marketing Automation Is In Predictive Modeling

Marketing Automation: Predictive Analytics

Marketing Automation: Predictive Analytics

Recent studies have shown that many businesses that buy into marketing automation experience buyer’s remorse. When around 70% of marketers are unhappy with their solutions and only 7% are seeing measurable ROI, it’s easy to dismiss the concept of marketing automation altogether. Despite the significant potential advantages and upsides that it can bring, the fact is that buyers are not getting the results they want.

Why are so many who believed in marketing automation so dissatisfied with the results they’re receiving? Simply put, there is a severe lack of automation when it comes to marketing automation. Email blasts consist of layers upon layers of forms, triggers, and other bloated processes that try to do too much but deliver too little. The workflows are extremely complex and hard-coded rules bound to precise user decisions mean you lose adaptability. It could take hours for a marketing automation system to process the workflow – causing you to miss a valuable lead.

Marketing automation was supposed to be fast, simple and automated. But again, this is another promise that wasn’t delivered by the vendors and platforms of today.

The future is in predictive modeling. Platforms of tomorrow will be more intuitive, sleeker and intelligent. These same platforms will be able to mine a treasure trove of information in order to make relevant suggestions to your customers.

The technology that’s currently available has evolved in leaps and bounds, with significant advances in the field of practical machine learning. Think about how accurate Amazon and Netflix suggestions can be. This is predictive analytics at work. Any company, no matter what size, can benefit from personalized modeling that’s scaled just for them due to more cost-efficient computing infrastructure. The marketing automation problems of old, like campaign optimization and lead nurturing, are now being addressed with the help of more effective and efficient solutions.

If predictive analytics and modeling used to be inaccessible, new platforms are quickly changing this and combined with specialized apps, it will become actionable and intuitive to use. Another main advantage it has over the clunky traditional use of marketing automation is that it will automatically change and adapt as your business grows. You’re looking at minimal configuration of tedious workflows and very little manual re-tuning. Predictive systems are able to learn from your business and customers, adapt from the results and then improve its efforts moving forward.

Exactly like how cloud computing has disrupted the software industry, we’ll be seeing predictive platforms change the way marketing automation is as a whole. In the near future, there will be more to the field of marketing than just tracking customer behavior and managing marketing campaigns.

Get ready for a revolution in marketing automation; predictive modeling is changing the game.

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