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Make Data Mining Your 2013 Business Resolution

Fireworks for the New YearIt’s time time again – the time of year when everyone makes grand resolutions for the bright, shiny new year. This year, if incorporating data mining and predictive analytics into your business isn’t on your list of resolutions, it should be.

Your business has data, perhaps volumes of data – valuable data that can tell you a great deal about your customers or potential customers, and how to increase sales. But without a way to find the actionable information and insight in that data, it’s useless. That’s where data mining comes into play. Learning data mining – even just the basics – is a goal truly worthy of completion in 2013.

With data mining you can identify patterns and trends in your data and then build and apply predictive models to them, and produce an uncanny prediction for the behaviors that you need to anticipate to create more sales.

On The Modeling Agency blog, data mining has been thoroughly explained, as have the reasons why you need to make it a priority to learn the techniques that will help you unlock the wisdom in your data. Here are some of The Modeling Agency’s posts of note from 2012:


If you’re ready to take the next step with data mining in 2013, register for one of The Modeling Agency’s free data mining webinars. Or get to know the topic in-depth with one of The Modeling Agency’s data mining and predictive analytics training courses.

Happy New Year!