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Learn from Three Common Business Intelligence Mistakes

Data AnalyticsSQL Server Pro’s Brian Knight recently published an insightful article detailing three mistakes to avoid when launching a business intelligence project. Considering a 2005 Gartner study revealed 50% of all data analytics projects are doomed to failure, there are plenty of pitfalls to be aware of when planning such a project.

The three mistakes SQL Server Pro highlights are:

  • – Biting off more than you can chew with a project that’s entirely too large. Scaling back the scope of your project is often a critical element to feasibility and determines outcome.
  • – Trying to launch a project without proper support, i.e. an advocate who’s a business leader. While people who are not data specialists will often instigate a data project, they should not be in complete control of said project.
  • – Not taking into account issues with data quality. Most businesses have some problems with the quality of their data. The trick is identifying where the problems may be so you can avoid them when you launch your analysis.


For Mr. Knight’s full take on these stumbling blocks visit SQL Server Pro. For an in-depth, interactive examination of why many data projects fail and how you can ensure your next data analytics project is a success, register for one of The Modeling Agency’s free webinars. On December 12th experts from The Modeling Agency will be hosting a free webinar entitled “Data Mining: Failure to Launch” that addresses many common problems and mistakes and how to avoid them.