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Enhancing PPC Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Data Analysis GraphBusiness2Community recently published a post detailing a nearly universal use of predictive analytics: making the most of your company’s PPC campaigns.

In a world where search superiority is still vitally important, many businesses run PPC, or pay-per-click, advertisements via Google Adwords. Additionally, PPC campaigns are available on advertising networks, sites and blogs all over the web. Whatever the end goal of a PPC campaign (which is usually sales or, at the very least, leads), the setup of your PPC campaigns can be greatly enhanced by predictive analysis.

Many PPC ads are subjected to some form of testing, like A/B testing, to determine the most effective copy or other factors. However, that form of testing, and the information it provides, is very limited. But predictive analytics allows you to build predictive models from your data that let you hone in your ad campaigns on exactly the person or behavior that will lead to the greatest ROI.

Business2Community cites a case study wherein a university increased their revenue by $1 million thanks to a PPC campaign backed by predictive analysis.  By studying their site visitors and their behavior, they were able to create highly targeted landing pages for their ads.

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