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Successful Predictive Analytics Begins With Training

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Ideal results in Predictive Analytics projects are produced when an organization has members that are experts in either analytics or in their own domain. While it’s not necessary—or realistic—to have someone who is fully proficient in both, it can be a definite boon to have basic knowledge across general areas.There are immense benefits waiting for organizations who have practitioners that are knowledgeable with recognizing avoidable project pitfalls, able to collaborate with analytics experts for better and more efficient data preparation, capable of interpreting project results accurately, and others. This proficiency can also provide an advantage when it comes to teaming up with project managers, evaluating potential vendors and being fully involved in judging whether any methods or outcomes are suspect.

Vendor-Neutral Courses

There is a growing number of analytics training courses and conferences year by year, which provides plenty of choice for those seeking to learn. While a great number of vendors offer fantastic courses and instructors, it has become increasingly true that these courses have a restricted scope in order to put the spotlight on their own offerings and their capabilities. We are of the firm opinion that it’s not beneficial to consider tools until much later in the project’s process, so it’s best to join a conference or course that’s vendor-neutral, allowing you to gain broad and unbiased knowledge.

Independent Consultants

More often than not, organizations cannot afford the resources to train internally, whether it’s due to a lack of time or staff. In situations like these, hiring an independent predictive analytics consultant who acts as an advocated between the project vendor and your organization is best.

The best consultant for the job should have the following qualities:

  • Ability to fluently interact with leadership, practitioners, staff users and IT team members
  • Fully knowledgeable in the predictive analytics process with a great background of project success
  • Business-minded and cautious with analyzing data, focusing on gaining a in-depth understanding of the organization’s resources and business model, as well as relevant goals, history and other benchmarks

Whether you’re outsourcing the project or training internally, it matters a great deal to have the direction of an expert in the practice of predictive analytics. Working in tandem with the organization’s internal expert, the consultant will then transfer needed knowledge and training, driving decisions that produce results.

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