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Unlike any other training in the marketplace, TMA’s mission is to provide concentrated and engaging courseware on the dynamics specific to organizational analytic implementation.  TMA’s training conveys a full analytic process framework; addresses primary analytic team role functions; and develops unique soft skills required to establish and maintain a thriving organizational analytics practice.

TMA’s live experiential training is right-sized to a highly functional sweet spot that is virtually nonexistent in the marketplace. TMA’s courseware is far more engaging than superficial on-demand training that imparts short tactics and suffers from very high attrition. Yet TMA’s training is far more efficient than months-long certificate courses that are often academically oriented with theoretical approaches, exams and homework.

TMA’s courseware is intended for professionals who desire maximum training in minimal time. The training thoroughly transfers knowledge, reinforces skills and strengthens attendees’ professional profiles with unique strategic capabilities to really stand out from the mass of self-proclaimed data scientists.

TMA’s training is unbiased, vendor-neutral, and facilitated by active seasoned consultants who continually engage in the complexities and realities of actual analytic implementations in medium and large organizations.


Beyond reviewing each individual course description page, it is important to understand how each course is conveyed in contrast to the others; how they fit together as a progression; and how each can be attended independently given its specific focus. You may then select the right courses and delivery for your experience, role and objectives. Reference this table to view the purpose, scope, orientation and place in the overall progression to consider which courses are best suited for you:


Online training certainly has its advantages and conveniences. But if you have the option to attend Classroom training, make every effort to attend at the physical site.  You’ll receive greater immersion, concentration and interaction with the instructor and other participants.  Classroom events are hosted at first-tier venues and luxurious properties.

If you cannot support the travel time or cost for Classroom training, you will receive the most progressive and engaging online training available.  After a three-hour on-demand Core Concepts video module prerequisite, the live interactive online events proceed through cycles of short lecture, then demonstration, polling, exercise break-out sessions and guided discussion.  This structure cycles though a project storyboard with coordinated exercises that build upon an end-to-end process framework.



        • Isolation.  It’s hard to be reprioritized when you’re off-campus.
        • Concentration.  You are removed from office distractions and temptations.
        • Acceleration.  Complete the training in half the timeframe of the live online option.
        •  Greater Instructor Access.  Instructors are very accessible outside of class time and pleased to join attendees for lunch and dinner to provide extended strategy sessions.
        • Luxurious Venues.  These courses are produced at top-tier properties. View the site details of the upcoming scheduled events to see each premier setting.


        • Convenience.  Skip the bad weather, TSA lines, tight airline seats, hotel, and rental car wait. It’s training at your desk.
        • Connectivity.  Many participants in TMA’s online production said that they experienced the full interactive feel and live dynamic of the physical classroom.
        • Flexibility.  Spread out the series to suit your schedule and goals without concern of repeat trips.
          Lower Cost.  No travel budget required.
        • Efficient.  Save extensive travel-time overhead.
        • Relaxed Dress Code.   Webcams are encouraged for discussion sessions, but wear your favorite slippers.


        • Customization.  Your group.  Your topics.  Instructors can tailor examples and general delivery to target your areas of interest.
        • Convenience.  Production at your location, and on your terms.
        • Volume Savings.  On-Site productions enjoy combined discounts for number of training days and number of participants.


The tables below display the daily distribution of the Modeling Practice Framework™ Phase topics in the classroom Predictive Analytics for the Enterprise course series, as well as the general monthly scheduling of all online courses.

TMA's Modeling Practice Framework™

TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™

Predictive Analytics for the Enterprise
7 Training Hours per Day

Typical Monthly Course Production Schedule*
*Subject to Change. Refer to schedule for official dates.
First two weeks of Nov & Dec will split the four weeks.

4 Training Hours per Day

Call (888) 742-2454 or send an email inquiry to receive a quotation
or Letter of Intent for chartered training at your site.


Digital Documentation. All of the slides along with extensive supporting instructor notes, the application process guide, glossary and referenced resources are provided on up to five devices for five years. Those who prefer tangible materials may opt for a single professionally-bound print copy.

Slides. Hundreds of slides that clearly illustrate each concept, lesson and approach are professionally produced and included with the digital documentation. Click on the icon at right to view a sample of the presentation slides.

Exercise Data. Numerous spread sheets are populated not just with lab data, but templates for stepping through the Modeling Practice Framework™ in conjunction with the application process guide. The resulting session files are yours to keep, reference and develop further.

 Process Guide. An application process guide details the approach and specific steps to take for the progressive exercises worked in the breakout sessions.  It also contains supplemental examples beyond the scope of the live training. This will minimize your need to take notes and maintain your focus on the exercises at hand.  

Certification. On the course evaluation form, select a paper or Adobe .pdf certificate. Certification is based upon tested comprehension and ability:

    • Certificate of Completion
    • Certificate of Merit*
    • Certificate of Basic Proficiency*
      *Strategic Implementation Course Only

Resources. A broad resources section with glossary, recommended books, LinkedIn groups, associations, conferences, commercial and open-source software and online communities is included in the course notes.

Classroom Delivery. Though some may view analytics as a dry subject, TMA’s seasoned faculty brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the topic, and participants say that it’s contagious. View the luxurious venues and active facilitation to see what you’ll experience at TMA’s classroom events.

LIVE Online Delivery. TMA’s live online training experience will make you forget that you’re not really in the physical classroom! Watch this video to see the various engagement modes that keep all participants fully immersed. The gap between TMA’s physical classroom and online production is razor-thin – mainly separated by TSA lines, ground transportation and travel expenses. onlinee-live

Accreditation. The Modeling Agency, LLC, is registered with INFORMS (the INstitute For Operations Research and the Management Sciences) as a Recognized Analytics Continuing Educational Provider for the CAP® (Certified Analytics Professional) program. The CAP® credential provides analytics professionals with a means to distinguish themselves and demonstrate to employers, colleagues, and the public that they are knowledgeable analytics professionals. Courses provided by The Modeling Agency, LLC, are automatically accepted by INFORMS when claimed by credential holders as evidence of continuing education. For more information about the CAP® program, including requirements, eligibility, benefits, preparation, and exam dates, please visit the INFORMS website at

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Why Train With TMA?

Determine whether TMA training is right for you, and learn why TMA is truly the best option for live classroom analytics training.

“Both instructors in the series did a fantastic job of getting me up to speed in predictive analytics much faster than any book (or probably any other training class or conference) available.”

Raymond G. Henderson
Knowledge-Based Systems Engineer
Compliance Technologies, Inc.

“Great presentation and summarization of predictive analytics. I sat through two days of the Predictive Analytics World conference and got less from that than I received if the first two hours of this course. Thanks!”


“This course gave me a new perspective on techniques and applications software that our federal agency had not previously seen. The course content was great, and the very knowledgeable instructor kept the students attention by using real-life examples and discussion of additional resources. I highly recommend this course!”

Larry P. Taylor
US Department of Education

“The wealth of information covered in these courses, as well as the in-depth demonstrations of multiple software packages, made the sessions valuable from a wide range of perspectives. I will certainly recommend that others attend.”

Brent King
AVP, Managed Care Analytics
Business Development
Health Smart Preferred Care

“This class gives the Statistician a bunch of new tools to use in solving business problems. Once the limitations of statistics are reached, grab this data mining tool belt. You will be surprised how much further you can get.”

Raymond D. Mooring, PhD
Wage and Investment Research
Internal Revenue Service

“Upon taking TMA’s Predictive Analytics courses, I could immediately feel the difference since I struggled earlier with a similar online course offered by an established public university. There is no comparison between the dedicated, interactive instructor-led course and an online class. The added benefit is an end-to-end data mining process that insists on actionable results–those that are truly understood by leadership.”

Michael F.
Senior Analyst

“The instructor and course material are first rate. Any organization that believes data mining should be a part of their business operations portfolio would be making a wise investment by attending this course.”

Eric Rickard
Information Computing Sciences
SRI International

“The instructor was great and the instructor was very knowledgeable. It was just at the right level, not to general and not too technical.”

Doug Rosenberg
Technical Consultant