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Save Money & Achieve Success with Predictive Modeling

What if you could know with far greater certainty which of your products will sell best? What if you could market only to the people who were most likely to buy your products? It’s possible with predictive modeling.

Psychics Need Not Apply

Predictive modeling isn’t about being psychic. It’s about analyzing your existing customer or operational data to make predictions based on quantifiable trends in customer characteristics and behavior. By building models based on this existing data, future action can be determined. And these actions translate into targeted offers that maximize the allocation of your operational resources.

The Science of Modeling

Predictive modeling utilizes machine learning technology – a science wherein systems study data to make predictions or perform predefined actions. Predictive modeling works through machine learning because the behavioral dynamics are too complex and cumbersome for any person or team – when you consider that most organizations possess terabytes of data ripe for analysis. Machine learning can make much quicker work of analyzing data, identifying trends and formulating predictions from your big data

Why Predictive Modeling Matters

Predictive modeling can help save organizations money by making their data-driven operations far more efficient and cost-effective. Knowing how and where to target your resources eliminates much of the guesswork that translates into wasted dollars.

If you are looking to learn more about how predictive modeling can work for you, The Modeling Agency sponsors an course series that will answer your questions and allow you to properly approach this highly rewarding practice. The Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Course Series: Model Development will be held in five cities across the United States in 2012 and 2013. For dates and more information about the curriculum and the benefits of attending, visit The Modeling Agency at or call (888) 742-2454.

Learn More with Our Free Webinar

If you are one of the many business analytics professionals who are excited about the potential of data mining and predictive analytics, but who aren’t quite sure where or how to begin, our free webinar Data Mining: Failure to Launch is just what you need. During this one hour live, interactive event we’ll teach you how and when to get started, how to avoid pitfalls that lead to failure, case studies that demonstrate proper design and implementation, techniques and tips for data preparation, resources and guidance for taking the next steps with your data, and much more. Register for one of our regularly scheduled webinars today!

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