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Enable Your Existing Practitioners to Build and

Maintain an Impactful and Sustainable Analytic Practice


There are very few analytic leaders who possess the soft-skills to conduct a comprehensive assessment, interact effectively with various roles, identify and prioritize viable opportunities, design tailored project plans and lead a development team through the implementation of the very processes that they’ll own and operate. Even if you could find such an analytic leader, the role is truly not a full-time position.

After preparing a tailored design to establish the modeling processes in the Plan phase, TMA’s seasoned senior analytic consultant proceeds with a purposeful blend of training and consulting. Not only will your analytic team learn how to run a formal analytic process model, they’ll start acquiring the strategic soft-skills and leadership traits to arrive at goal-aligned operational results. And once the processes are built and your staff is trained, the need for strategic oversight will reduce to occasional retooling or reinforcement.


While outsourcing individual modeling tasks has been popular, it’s not been productive in the long run. Because the development team for the outsourced model is external to your subject experts, leadership, users, IT staff and organizational analysts — a great deal of important context is lost or never considered. The resulting models may be technically accurate, but typically fail at the project level for a host of strategic reasons.

And with analytics becoming more pervasive and continually in demand, it no longer makes sense to outsource ad-hoc analytic tasks. At the same time, you don’t need to hire additional advanced mathematicians or data scientists to perform effectively in analytics. The technical complexity of machine learning is handled very effectively with modern software. What is required is a comprehensive assessment, resulting tailored project plan, collaborative process development with your existing analysts and skill reinforcement. A single TMA senior consultant can guide your practitioners to build this internal capability – with a light footprint, fixed cost, and over a limited timeframe.

You’ll realize substantial value by establishing your own internal capability. AnalyticEscort™ provides:

    • An Immediate starting point and roadmap, as established in EnterprisePlan
    • Reduced risk by starting on the highest propensity projects as evaluated in the EnterprisePlan™ assessment along with an incremental model development methodology that provides for low-risk / high-impact implementations
    • Reduced cost from no longer having to outsource expensive modeling tasks that often do not arrive at productive outcomes at the project level
    • Residual benefit from the continual operation of an internal practice that produces measurable results on organizational priorities
    • Full ownership of the resulting practice through collaborative process development, structured templating, immersive knowledge transfer, skill reinforcement and on-demand support

With TMA’s strategic oversight and implementation leadership, your organization will build, own and operate highly impactful modeling factories with results that are measurable, understandable, actionable, highly impactful and residual… and your practitioners will have far more pragmatic analytic muscle, confidence, value and pride.


TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™

AnalyticEscort™ provides a highly efficient and effective blend of on-site collaborative development and remote mentorship. The events are aligned with TMA’s comprehensive Modeling Practice Framework™:Each short on-site event reviews progress from the prior; imparts new material, templates and instruction for the current phase; then leaves implementation assignments for the team to fulfill ahead of the next event. Your TMA project leader will methodically step your team through the specific tasks within each of following implementation phases:

Between events is where the greatest learning and skill development occurs: exposure to the natural messiness of analytics. However, your team is never alone. Through 40 hours of EscortOnCall™ your TMA senior consultant will closely interact with your team to ensure steady progress toward the next event.



      • AnalyticEscort™ requires and implements the Plan developed in EnterprisePlan™.
      • It is recommended but not required that team analyst(s) attend TMA’s “Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: Strategic Implementation” course


      • The pace of AnalyticEscort™ will be jointly considered and defined prior to initiation. The range of typical implementation is between three to nine months. Primary factors that impact pace include existing experience, environment and resource complexity, and available team bandwidth. However, a pressing need to obtain rapid results on a specific modeling project will dilute the development of the overall practice development and diminish the valuable skill retention benefit of this service.
      • Six months is a realistic and optimal target for effective knowledge transfer, anticipation of realities, adequate development time between on-site events, and affording reasonable bandwidth from team members who serve multiple roles. Keep in mind, we are not building a model… we’re building a factory and standing up a retained practice. Once established, this practice will then provide for efficient, agile model development.


      • The collaborative development process establishes a delicate relationship between vendor and client. As project lead, TMA must rely upon your organization’s commitment to fulfill requests and assignments in a timely manner to achieve project milestones and meet final delivery deadlines.
      • TMA’s Services Agreement will outline mutual responsibilities and assumptions. Anticipating and covering these representations in advance assures greater project accountability, minimizes impact of the unexpected, and lays the foundation for a productive relationship.



      • The savings from continually outsourcing expensive modeling tasks that fall short at the project level
      • The savings from unnecessarily hiring additional data scientists or advanced analysts
      • The savings of years of trial and discovery to establish an analytic practice on your own
      • The gains of rapidly developing highly impactful descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models in-house and targeted to organizational priorities
      • The compounding residual gains realized from a thriving internal practice that insists upon results that are purposeful, measurable and actionable


      • Eleven on-site workshop days over five separate events
      • Forty hours of EscortOnCall™ remote mentorship, valid for one year
      • Training supplements, Excel workbook project tracking templates and process guides
      • Documentation of data transformations, preparation, sandbox design (if applicable), modeling methodology, validation process, metrics evaluation and lifecycle maintenance plan
      • Resulting dashboards, performance reports and executive summary
      • A comprehensive, sustainable and actionable modeling process with the internal skills and assets to operate, maintain and effectively translate results for leadership

Invite an exploratory call with a TMA solutions consultant at (281) 667-4200 ext 4, or by web form to explore further in the context of your specific situation and objectives.

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