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Predictive Analytics Tackles a School District’s Enrollment Problems

StudentsThe Forest Grove School district has been losing students, many of them to voluntary transfers. According to Oregon Live, the district is now turning to data mining to figure out the reasons and what they might change to retain these students.

This information will have a direct impact on budget expenditures. The school district is exploring the possibility of spending money on new programs if the data seems to support it.

Enrollment is a matter of revenue for the school district. And students in the state can enroll in different school districts without any special permission or reason.

Of course, this problem has parallels in the business world. You can draw a parallel from “enrollment” to customer retention, for example.

A company could try to track reasons why customers leave and can use that information to adjust their programs, offerings, products and services to try to keep those customers around. If your company is facing similar problems you’re now looking at an excellent case study, and an example of a problem that could be directly applied to your business.

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