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A Comprehensive Assessment And Plan For Organizational

Analytics That Are Actionable, Measurable, And Impactful


All Levels Covered

All Levels Covered

Imagine a home constructed without the skills of an experienced architect and the resulting blue prints. Even if you had highly skilled craftsmen, resources would not be properly sized to the project, the site may not be valid for the structure, the design would not align to the needs or wishes of the owners and the overall structural integrity would be at risk.Organizational analytics are even more susceptible to failure due to numerous dynamics that need to be assessed and analyzed within an overall context. This planning and design phase requires the unique skills and experience of a highly seasoned senior analytic consultant who holds the business acumen to engage effectively with all roles that contribute to, or benefit from, the analytic process.

A builder would never order supplies and start sawing and hammering without referencing blueprints. Yet the vast majority of organizations start their analytic projects in the middle of the process: with data and software. And they’re not to blame – many IT projects succeed by applying resources to tools and obtaining a solution. In advanced analytics however, an approach for an impactful and sustainable practice is far more involved… and the complexity is not where you’d think.


Most organizations believe that they will overcome their analytic dysfunction by hiring more data scientists and extending their analytical toolbox. While data scientists certainly have the expertise and discipline to increase model accuracy, they naturally maintain a tactical focus and typically optimize for artificial metrics — metrics that rarely align with organizational objectives. Few analysts and data scientists possess the required soft-skills and business acumen to interact effectively with roles throughout the organization in order to fully assess, plan and implement a thriving analytic operation.

This is why most organizations arrive at highly refined models – that answer the wrong questions, don’t fit the environment, don’t meet operational requirements, aren’t adopted by users, and don’t convey results in terms that leadership can apply. The models succeed yet the projects fail. But, don’t get rid of your analysts! They are absolutely needed and TMA can empower them with the strategic knowledge to make them really stand out in the analytics field.

Those who engage EnterprisePlan™ enjoy substantial benefit, efficiency and sustained value:

    • End costly ad-hoc ‘analytic discovery’ that uncovers some interesting insights, but rarely aligns with organizational priorities or impacts performance
    • Insist upon measurable results through a purposeful tailored plan for goal-driven analytics
    • Establish an immediate starting point as well as project plans for your highest priority projects and an overarching roadmap for forming a sustainable analytic practice
    • Reduced risk by starting on only those projects that survive into a cross-section of qualifiers
    • Reduced cost from generating highly productive models far more rapidly from a practice design that creates agile predictive modeling factories
    • Residual benefit from the continual operation of an internal analytic practice that generates ongoing measurable results, upon implementation of the plan.
    • Full ownership of the resulting practice through the optional AnalyticEscort™ guided mentorship and implementation service product to collaboratively build the plan


EnterprisePlan™ leverages the experience of a highly seasoned senior predictive modeling consultant to conduct a formal and comprehensive assessment, driven by the Plan phase of TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™:

TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™

The information amassed from the assessment is then analyzed and translated into a tailored plan to ensure that your organization’s analytics are purposeful, actionable, impactful and residual. EnterprisePlan™ reports on your organization’s capabilities, limitations, threats, greatest opportunities and readiness.

The resulting design provides specific steps to pull to the starting line; presents plans to implement the highest priority valid opportunities; and conveys an overarching roadmap for building and maintaining a fully productive analytic practice. While other organizations waste years on a misguided analytic journey, your team can derive a full practice plan to engage immediately on the most impactful projects – within one month.

EnterprisePlan™ has two primary stages:


The assessment stage starts with a two-hour preparatory phone meeting to collect the information required to customize an on-site meeting schedule with your organization’s personnel and define the resources to have at hand. TMA’s senior consultant then spends two full days on-site interviewing specific team members and leadership, as well as exploring the environment and resources that relate to analytics. A small sample of topics to be investigated includes:

      • Gain a high-level understanding of the business situation and determine what questions may be answered through predictive analytics along with motivations of all members
      • Start with the end in mind: how should a predictive model function from both strategic (decision support) and tactical (IT and user) perspectives?
      • Understand the current processes in place relative to decision support and optimizing the allocation of operational resources
      • Itemize available resources: human, informational, structural, intra- and extra-organizational
      • Consider and define risk levels and fault tolerances
      • Identify how data is captured, stored and reported
      • Quantify data velocity and decisioning demand for deployed models
      • Visually inspect data sources, structure and attributes
      • Determine where check points may be established to monitor model performance
      • Consider trade-offs between accuracy and explainability and its impact on method selection
      • Define metrics and benchmarks, translate to dollar value and verify against stated objectives


TMA’s senior consultant will analyze the information amassed in the on-site assessment and prepare the following reports and plans:

        • Executive Briefing by web conference to present a summary to team leadership of the overall Plan findings and recommendations
        • EnterprisePlan™ Report expresses the detailed Plan Phase results of TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™ at the enterprise level:
          • Findings: An itemization of findings, plans and other artifacts collected during the assessment
          • Recommendations: The Report presents organizational opportunities, threats, capabilities and limitations — well beyond the standard data and organizational objectives analysis — and into the critical human elements that greatly impact an analytic practice. These include issues such as overall team capabilities; willingness for traditional analysts to shift mindset toward a new analytic process; potential internal philosophical conflicts across team members and leadership that could ultimately doom the new operation; and other situational criteria that impact the performance of your organization’s analytic practice
          • Practice Design: Given the overall context of the assessment findings, a tailored structure for the analytic practice platform will be produced. Sample issues include the roles of the analytic team within your organization; analytic sandbox considerations; data accumulation and flows for an analytic practice; opportunity identification process; initial method and tool(s) candidates; as well as other customized structures for the Confirm, Adopt and Replace phases.
          • Project Definitions: The report provides high-level project definitions for the top three valid modeling priorities that your organization can implement independently or with TMA’s oversight and mentorship through AnalyticsEscort™.



  • It is recommended but not required that team analyst(s) and project leads attend TMA’s “Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: “Project Planning” course


  • The Executive Briefing and EnterprisePlan™ Report will be delivered within four weeks of the on-site assessments and receipt of valid resources for evaluation.


  • Your team will be responsible for making resources readily available for analysis in advance of the on-site assessment. Team members and leadership should prioritize participation in scheduled on-site interviews and cycle promptly on TMA requests during the term of the Work Order.



      • The competitive advantage of clearly understanding your organization’s current analytic maturity level and how to rapidly and confidently advance it
      • The savings of replacing ad-hoc tactical analyses with an actionable plan to establish a highly coordinated strategic analytic operation for goal-driven analytics
      • The savings of not attempting doomed implementations that can be disqualified in advance
      • The savings from not prematurely acquiring expensive software solutions that are not sized to the environment, leveled to user experience, adapted to the nature of analytics to be performed, scaled to the potential velocity of data streams and decisioning, and mismatched to other aspects amassed in the assessment
      • The efficiency of an analytic project team that runs from a common analytic process, platform, and tailored practice design
      • The gains realized by the ability to identify the highest-impact viable analytic opportunities in advance of model development
      • The gains from having an overarching plan and specific next steps to develop an internal analytic practice that continually generates measurable, actionable and impactful results


      • Two-hours preparatory phone meeting
      • Two-days on-site assessment meetings and resource inspection
      • Expert analysis of all information collected in the assessment
      • Two-hour Executive summary briefing of findings and recommendations by web conference
      • A comprehensive EnterprisePlan™ Report with detailed findings, recommendations, organizational charter, practice design and project definitions for the highest impact initial projects to establish a highly effective internal analytic practice with specific next steps for implementation
      • The option to for TMA to direct and oversee implementation of the Plan through collaborative development with AnalyticEscort™

Invite an exploratory call with a TMA solutions consultant at (281) 667-4200 ext 4, or by web form to explore further in the context of your specific situation and objectives.


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