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Predictive Analytics Helps Sports Managers Recruit Better Players

sportsOften, the success or failure of a sports team rests on its ability to recruit the right players. <em> IT World Canada recently ran a story dedicated to explaining how sports teams are using predictive analytics to do just that–and to make decisions about the kinds of salary offers that will provide the best returns on investment.

Increasingly, sports managers and franchises are turning to analytics to determine the players they recruit and pay premium salaries. The question is no longer “what have you done for me lately,” but rather: “How well will you do tomorrow?” and “How can we be sure?”

Daryl Morey, general manager of the National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets, is a pioneer in the art of applying predictive analytics to professional basketball. It is interesting to note that he does not believe the same techniques can be applied to determining who will make a good hire in most other organizations.

…Business does not have the same tools to determine if, “after 50, this guy won’t have another good marketing idea again.”

For instance, he said, it is very difficult to determine how personal loyalty plays in inspiring better efforts to achieve better results or the positive effects of the character of an aging leader who is able to inspire workers ot ‘step up their game.’

It’s certainly true that creativity and loyalty can’t be quantified and measured the same way that someone’s physical performance can. Good managers will need to ask different questions.

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