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Predictive Analytics Helps Sales Teams Become More Productive

salesrepresentativesAny business that has a sales team knows that reducing wasted time is one of the biggest challenges sales managers face. And nothing wastes more time than pursuing the wrong leads.

This is why good leads can make the difference between a good sales team and a great one.

A recent Forbes article discusses how one company is using predictive analytics to solve this problem. Forbes had a conversation with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, the Chief Marketing Officer of Mindjet, a company who has used predictive analytics to make this difference.

Mindjet is using predictive analytics to understand which leads are the highest quality and have the highest probability of turning into sales. With several thousand leads and trials being generated every week, traditional lead scoring techniques were not reliably segmenting out which leads had the highest probability of closing. With dozens of attributes included in their lead scoring application, Mindjet still wasn’t effectively providing the sales team with highly qualified and prioritized leads.

Getting only the highest qualified leads to sales can make the most of their selling time is a high priority for Mindjet marketing. This required the marketing team to get beyond lead scoring and determine which factors most and least contributed to lead quality.

Mindjet’s efforts resulted in 4.4 times more qualified leads than the company had previously enjoyed. That’s a lot of closed deals and a huge return on investment that will continue to play out in the very near future.

Do you want to win similar results for your business? If you approach predictive analytics the right way, you can! You just need the strategic training to use these methods appropriately.

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