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As The Modeling Agency’s founder, Eric King, emphasizes in his article “Big Data Needs Advanced Analytics… But Analytics Doesn’t Need Big Data”, “successful analytics in the big data era does not start with data and software.” It starts with immersive vendor-neutral training and strategic implementation.

TMA can efficiently guide your organization to establish and own a thriving and sustainable analytic practice where ten-fold performance improvement should be a confident threshold prior to predictive model development.


    • We need to advance our analytic maturity aggressively and confidently.
    • We need to identify, assess and prioritize valid analytic opportunities.
    • We’re in contact with various tool vendors, but not sure who to trust or what to believe.
    • We’re concerned about making costly mistakes if we don’t take the right approach.
    • We need a powerful pilot and compelling case to present effectively to leadership.
    • We need to train our existing staff to run and maintain a streamlined analytic practice.
    • We’re tired of doing analytics for the sake of analytics and need to move to goal-driven insights that are measurable, understandable, actionable, impactful and residual.


If any of those scenarios apply to you, review the service summaries below and click through for product details. Each service is a fully defined product with fixed deliverables, timeframe and cost. After reviewing the product details, invite an exploratory call with a TMA solutions consultant at (281) 667-4200 ext 4, or by web form to explore further in the context of your specific situation and objectives.



Most analytic modeling implementations overlook the planning phase at their own peril. Doing so is precisely like building a house without design and blueprints. A TMA senior consultant conducts a comprehensive and methodical on-site assessment of environment, team, resources, objectives, experience and leadership. The information amassed is analyzed and compiled into a summary of analytic capabilities, limitations, recommendations and prioritized opportunities. A detailed project definition is drafted for up to three of the most impactful opportunities for potential implementation. The risk and cost of forgoing this critical design phase is always realized in hindsight.


This relatively short but powerful exercise develops the critical project definition ahead of developing a pilot or production model. ProjectPlan™ ensures that your project’s true analytic potential is realized while substantially reducing the risk of improperly dismissing high-value initiatives. This service is particularly useful when an initial analytic project win is needed to convince leadership to invest in predictive analytics or a practice overhaul. ProjectPlan™ is a subset of EnterprisePlan™ — focusing exclusively on the assessment and design aspects of a single modeling project as opposed to an overall practice. Results are translated in terms that leadership will appreciate.



Through a balanced combination of short on-site workshops and ongoing remote mentorship, your team will fulfill the project design prepared in EnterprisePlan™. This comprehensive package guides your team through a purposeful blend of training and consulting. This approach ensures successful process development along with the reinforced skills for your team to manage and maintain the end-to-end analytic process. With the leadership and oversight of a TMA’s senior consultant, AnalyticEscort™ steps through the remaining five phases of TMA's Modeling Practice Framework™. When complete, your team will retain the knowledge to perform model lifecycle maintenance and your organization will own and operate the resulting practice.


Need a ‘QuickStart’ version of AnalyticEscort™? EscortExpress™ consists of two on-site workshops and 10 hours of remote oversight to provide the savvy organization just enough direction and practice to get started the right way and avoid the most critical project pitfalls. Implementation will be focused on a single modeling objective.



How much further could you get if you could summon your own expert analytic Sherpa on-demand? EscortOnCall™ establishes a low-entry prepaid retainer account, providing remote open access to a highly seasoned TMA senior consultant at your disposal. Simply open up an EscortOnCall™ account, and you’ve instantly added a wealth of experience and scalability …without expanding payroll, administrating complicated contracts or taking elevated risk on larger commitments. TMA’s Wire Support is highly efficient, effective, scalable and dynamic… and a snap to activate instantly online.


No time, bandwidth or expertise to build an urgent model in-house? Can’t risk an off-shore analyst or big-company intern developing a model that disregards your overall situation, organizational objectives and success metrics? TMA’s ModelTakeOut™ offers fixed pricing and not-to-exceed timeframes for low-risk outsourced model development. TMA will not be your lowest price or fastest turn-around for this option. However, because TMA never uses apprentice modelers, rest assured that the seasoned consultant who develops your model from start to finish will include every reasonable strategic consideration and applicable tactical method to ensure that organizational targets are hit, models are validated, and results are translated in terms agreed upon in advance.

After reviewing product details, invite an exploratory call with a TMA solutions consultant at (281) 667-4200 ext 4, or by web form to explore further in the context of your specific situation and objectives.


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