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Predictive Analysis for Small Business?

SMBsThe cost of predictive analysis software is often too high for small business owners to reap its benefits. There has also been a perception that small businesses don’t really produce enough data to make the exercise productive or worthwhile.

But Business 2 Community envisions this situation changing as early as 2014. It also mentions an important point–that the relevance of the data matters far more than the amount of the data.

Thus, B2C paints a picture of how even smaller business can make use of developments in predictive analytics.

“Predictive analysis works to collect relevant information on what interests and excites you. This allows organizations to theoretically create a “score” for each customer based on their behavior and buying history, among other things.

For marketers it boils down to a greater opportuity to serve the right advertising message, to the right prospect, at the right time, while at the same time driving down acquisition costs.”

If you have dismissed predictive analytics because you believe your business is far too small to make use of it then it may be time for a shift in your perception. An SMB may in fact be at an advantage over larger businesses because a larger business will often get lost in the data at the expense of asking valuable questions. But data can work for anyone who has developed a plan for using that data in a strategic way.

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