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Complexity Packaged In Simplicity

The Modeling Agency’s solutions are created through special consulting projects in certain industries where the solution produces substantial performance and impact.

The resulting solution designs may then be replicated with minor adaptation in similar fields of practice.

Risk on TMA solutions has already been absorbed through former deployment, testing and measurement. If a solution listed below aligns with your industry, a majority of the project’s time and risk may have already been invested for you.


PiCard Intelligent Procurement Card Monitoring System is designed to actively detect misuse in purchase card systems, target auditing team effort, reduce risk when moving from a purchase order system to credit cards, promote higher purchase card volume sooner, and forecast usage trends.


Receivables Expert first scores cases for collectability using data mining technology, then assigns cases to the most appropriate collector, and finally guides new collectors through a complex process via an elaborate knowledge-based system developed through exhaustive interviews with industry experts.


Triage For Tax Audits guides revenue departments in much the same way that REX manages receivables. Using data mining technology, Triage ranks returns for the highest likelihood of underreporting and collectability, then assigns the cases to the most appropriate investigator along with the most effective dynamic strategy driven by an elaborate knowledge base. Inexperienced collectors can then work on the best cases with the experience of an industry veteran.


The Adaptive Fuzzy Feature Map is an innovative, synergistic technology which combines the benefits of several data mining methods, dramatically extending the ability to extract meaningful information from data. The Adaptive Fuzzy Feature Map overcomes a major drawback of classic data mining methods: the ability to translate its results back into real-world terms. Unlike most computer-aided pattern discovery algorithms, AFFM requires only a single pass through the training data set.

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