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Special Pricing for TMA’s Online Beta
Training Production Ahead of Commercial Launch

Program Description

Beta EvaluationThe Modeling Agency, LLC (TMA) intends to enter the market with the most progressive and engaging experiential online learning experience in the market. While TMA is confident in its approach and platform, refinement will be required to attain commercial-grade production.
TMA’s prerelease program is not a test or trial of faculty or training content. Rather, the focus of the beta program will be on refining TMA’s live online training production specifically.

What We Ask of You

TMA’s Training Beta Program is fairly straight forward.  Here is our ask:
    • Patience: Admittedly, TMA and its faculty are new at driving a new and complex platform and mode of engagement. There will be some rough edges and a few hiccups as it relates to online delivery.  However, we have rehearsed internally and are essentially ready to go.  So, thank you for acknowledging, accepting and bearing with any minor stumbles and quirks as we gain proficiency with the online controls and transitions.
    • Feedback: We ask for your candid and constructive feedback and advice after the event. By participating in the Beta Program, you agree to participate in a detailed questionnaire to let us know what worked well and what specifically can be improved upon. Your suggestions will guide remaining refinement and gauge when the production is truly ready for full commercial launch.

What You Get from Us

In gratitude for your contribution and flexibility, you will be among the first to receive the prerelease online training and participate at the deepest discount that TMA offers: 50% off retail pricing.
Keep in mind that we’re only testing the live online delivery mode. Therefore, you will receive the same top quality facilitation by highly seasoned faculty and comprehensive course material that is offered with TMA’s commercial-grade classroom productions.
Thank you for your interest in TMA’s online training program. Feel free to contact a TMA professional with any remaining questions by email or at +1 (281) 667-4200 extension 3.
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