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More Big Data for Retailers: Weather-Related Shopping Patterns

UmbrellaPrevious posts have mentioned ways that weather can affect shopping patterns. Information Week recently ran a feature which expanded upon this relationship, examining the ways that retailers can use this information to their advantage.

Interaction Marketing used big data to research the patterns so that retailers could use weather forecasts to plan more precisely. For example, retailers could use this information to make smarter scheduling and sales decisions in the face of big weather events like hurricanes and snowstorms.

“Here’s what the data analysis found: a day prior to statistically similar weather events, sales in 28 product categories jumped from 20% to 26% over the same day a year earlier.

Anything with more than 20% or greater increase in sales, over sale-day the previous year, gives us the opportunity to identify those categories and have enough time to communicate with retailers and manufacturers.

This allows business enough time to create promotional campaigns to “educate shoppers…even before the shoppers know they’re going to need those particular items…”

On the flip side, the Interactions study showed a drop in sales over the event’s peak (few of us venture out during a blizzard or hurricane) and for days after. Interestingly, these behaviors took place not only in regions that experienced the weather event, but also in areas where the event was forecast but didn’t occur.”

Choosing the right questions means finding ways to take action. From weather to consumer desires, big data has the power to help your company make great decisions.

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