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PredictiveInsight™ Escort Series

Establish Your Own Internal Predictive Analytics Practice

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Unica’s PredictiveInsight™is a truly innovative software solution for targeted and personalized customer communications.  Many PredictiveInsight clients seek guidance beyond tool training and wish to obtain support on setting up a more comprehensive modeling process with PredictiveInsight at the core.  The Modeling Agency can work with PI clients to build an end-to-end “predictive modeling factory” from data transformation to model-building, results interpretation and action.  In this setting, knowledge transfer is reinforced through residual training during cooperative development.  This arrangement also allows for process development and training to occur in parallel.


The Modeling Agency (TMA) holds a philosophy that successful data mining projects involve a structured collaborative effort between the domain expert(s) and the data mining consultant.  To that end, TMA has developed a progression designed to:

  • Establish an immediate starting point with a clear yet flexible process for data mining

  • Reduce start up costs via a compartmentalized progression

  • Reduce risk through early reporting and actionable results at the conclusion of each stage

  • Distribute knowledge between the collaborative team through a workshop-oriented progression

  • Ensure project success based on effective management of expectations and highly effective data mining project management principles

  • Provide “consultative products” with fixed, firm prices; making a cooperative effort easier to visualize, justify, budget and purchase


This initial implementation package begins with a data exploration workshop. Valuable insights into your customers’ buying behavior, spending patterns, geographical disbursements and other distributions will be uncovered almost immediately, graphically displayed and interpreted.  This new information is only the first step in a process that will lead to sophisticated customer profiling and highly effective personalized campaigns.

Within two weeks of the conclusion of the workshop, a summary report of findings and recommendations specific to your data will be prepared by a database marketing expert.  The report will assess your present data collection processes, data quality and modeling potential.  The recommendations report will provide a customized actionable plan for more advanced analysis and strategic direction based on your database marketing goals.


  • Fifteen hours to remotely conduct TMA’s Data Certification Process and workshop preparation by the workshop consultant in order to apply statistics, generate reports, prepare visualizations, and assess initial results interpretations

  • One hour pre-workshop phone meeting to brief on preparation results, confirm agenda and coordinate resources

  • Data Exploration Application Workshop:
    Two days at your site

    • Review Topical Data Analysis Results [1 day]
      • Recency
      • Frequency
      • Monetary Value
      • Location
    • Visualization Exercises

    • Strategic Consulting [1 day]

      • Measure capabilities of additional modules and data mining in the context of your data

      • Data mining technology valuation exercises

      • Tools survey and recommendations

      • Expert recommendations based on analysis results, assessment findings and your goals

  • Within two weeks of the workshop, a findings and recommendations report will be submitted, completing this package


The Knowledge Discovery package will provide a bridge from the analysis performed in the data discovery session into advanced data mining capabilities.

The introduction of data mining technology will expose a new level of intelligence to apply to your campaign management strategy.  Beyond the capabilities of standard statistics and database queries, data mining can reveal additional insights through prediction and advanced segmentation.  Armed with this technology, you may increase your competitive lead and marketing efficiency by understanding and anticipating your customer’s behaviors and preferences.  You will be able to create customer-focused marketing strategies such as:

  • More Effective Cross-Selling
    Based on previous buying patterns and profile characteristics, you will be able to predict what each customer is most likely to purchase next

  • Predictive Customer Valuation
    Giving you the ability to predict each customer’s value over time, allowing you to target the most desirable customers for your business – or forecast when your most valuable customers are about to leave

  • Automated Market Segmentation and Profiling
    You will be able to cluster customers into various groupings and differentiate them in order to tailor campaigns to each based on their characteristics

  • Propensity and Response Modeling
    Scoring or identifying the most likely candidates to respond to a given promotion based on their previous buying patterns, psychographics and demographics, location and other attributes

By applying these methods to your marketing strategies, you will gain a comprehensive view of your customers, allowing a more targeted allocation of your marketing resources.


Knowledge Discovery Application Workshop I
Two Days at Your Site

  • Introduction to Data Mining

    • Definition

    • What data mining can and cannot do

    • Data Mining Process

  • Working Introduction to Predictive Modeling

    • Loading and Accessing Data

    • Creating and Using Data Dictionaries

    • Generating Models

    • Viewing Reports

    • Scoring Models

  • Begin the development of a cross-sell model

    • Drill-Down I: Data Manipulation

      • Accessing Your Data

      • Defining Features

    • Drill-Down II: Generating Models

      • Supervised Learning algorithm options

      • Unsupervised Learning algorithm options

      • Advanced Algorithms

    • Drill-Down III: Viewing Reports

      • Using reports to assess model performance

      • Using reports to answer business questions

      • Customizing Reports

    • Drill-Down IV: Scoring Records

      • Scoring options

      • Deployment options

      • Understanding reports and customizing

Knowledge Discovery Application Workshop II

Two Days at Your Site within 4 Weeks of KD Workshop I

  • The development of the Cross-Sell model continues by iterating through the knowledge discovery process introduced in Workshop I, day 2.  Additional iterations will serve to refine the model and reinforce the instruction of knowledge discovery.

  • The model’s results will be translated into marketing and monetary impact specifically for your business.  As well, the benefits of data modeling and automating the newly discovered knowledge will be described.


Now that we have exposed valuable knowledge about the dynamics of your market and customers through data mining, it is time to assimilate that advanced information into your marketing strategy.

Your modeling consultant will develop a migration plan for the refined Knowledge Discovery model toward an intelligent database marketing process.  Imagine setting up a system whereby the value measured from the single model can be invoked with ease and reused for multiplicative effect.

Beyond building a customized roadmap for an intelligent marketing process, two more prototype models will be developed in separate workshops.  These prototypes will offer a minimal-case projection of the potential marketing impact of other data mining model types such as response modeling, segmentation or customer valuation.  The potential will be described in terms of better understanding your customers, increasing your competitive lead, and leveraging a much greater return on your marketing dollar.


  • Information Modeling Application Workshop I
    Two days at your site within 4 weeks of KD Workshop II

    • We begin with the model created in the Knowledge Discovery package.  A customized conceptual roadmap will be developed.  The roadmap will chart the steps required to develop a comprehensive marketing program driven by the model’s results.  The latter part of the workshop will be focused on the selection of two new prototype models to develop, and the collection of corresponding data.

  • Information Modeling Application Workshop II
    Two days at your site within 8 weeks of IM Workshop I
  • Development of a second model by stepping through the knowledge discovery and information modeling process.  A model may be selected from the following menu:

    • An additional Cross-sell model

    • Customer valuation (contingent on descriptive data)

    • Response model
      (contingent on historical data)

    • Market Segmentation

  • The model’s results will be translated into marketing and monetary impactspecifically for your business.
  • Information Modeling Application Workshop III
    Two days at your site within 8 weeks of IM Workshop II
  • Development of a third model by stepping through the knowledge discovery and information modeling process.  A model may be selected from the following menu:

    • An additional Cross-sell model

    • Customer valuation
      (contingent on descriptive data)

    • Response model
      (contingent on historical data)

    • Market Segmentation
  • The model’s results will be translated into marketing and monetary impactspecifically for your business.
  • 40 Hours of “Wire Support.”  Wire support is technical support or consultative guidance offered by a modeling consultant via telephone, Email, fax, online chat, whiteboard or video-conference. All requests will be answered within three business days.

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Based on unknown data conditions, model results will vary. A “best effort” model will be produced within the workshop time available.
A completed prototype model deliverable is one which has created an initial scored output file. Accuracy of results will vary, based on previously unknown data conditions.
All unused services expire 6 months after package initiation. We encourage full consumption of services to attain maximum effect.