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How Can You Get Management on Board with Data Mining?

PresentationThis is a question that TWA hears a lot in the Q&A sessions held after each session of the free webinar. Usually, the person who is asking the question is already quite on board with the idea of using the insights that data mining can deliver, but his supervisors aren’t so sure that they want to invest the resources into any predictive analytics projects.

If you’re in this position, take heart. At the very least, it’s a sure bet that data mining and predictive analytics are at least on the radar of corporate leadership. Everyone’s hearing about “big data” and how data mining is being used successfully to create real business results. In fact, you can even see their caution as a positive. Too many management teams are all too “on board” too quickly, and so dive in with both feet without any plan or sense of what they are doing. The result is a lot of wasted time and money that does not drive actionable intelligence.

Your management team’s caution gives you the ability not only to sell them on the benefits of data mining and predictive analytics but to sell them on the benefits of launching these projects in the right way.

The Best Way

The absolute best way to get management on-board would be to contact TMA to schedule a day-long visit with seasoned experts. The first half of the day would be spent on an in-depth presentation while the second half would be spent on a round table where stakeholders would enjoy an open forum where they might air their questions and concerns.

Pilot Projects

If you don’t have the budget or the power to schedule a presentation then a pilot project becomes the next logical step. You’ll need an experienced model biulder to make the project as successful as possible.

Remember that you’re generally not going to get the chance to perform a full, comprehensive assessment of organizational and departmental goals as you launch your pilot. Nobody’s sold on using predictive analytics yet, and you will likely have other needs, goals, and projects tugging at your attention.

That means your results won’t be the best possible results. This is okay. You really only need results that are impressive enough to demonstrate the strength of the effort.

In order to avoid wasting too much time and/or money you should choose a project that looks likely to provide the most benefit with the least amount of risk.

What to Avoid

Avoid vendors.

Vendors may well sell your leadership on the benefits of data mining and predictive analytics. Vendors, unfortunately, are also there to sell software.

This is not to say that software is never going to be necessary. However, purchasing software at this stage is like purchasing a luxury sports car before learning how to drive. Software is not a magic bullet, and organizations who invest in software first tend to get caught up in hype. This means it becomes difficult to extract the value from the data, which puts companies right back into the position of being information rich but knowledge poor.

TMA is vendor-neutral for this reason. Our goal is to get you trained without pushing any particular agenda.

Most pilot projects can be completed with Excel. You don’t require better software so much as you require the ability to think critically about the problem and the organization’s goals. Show results, get the buy-in. You can always get the budget for a fantastic and needful software package later.

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