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Making the Most of Big Data Means Setting the Right Targets

BullseyeIt’s easy for a business to lose its way in the sea of big data. There’s a tendency to go after the shiniest platforms and the most elegant software without stopping to think about just how these tools will help your business succeed.

But if you want to get the most out of big data you’ve got to know what you’re tracking, why you’re tracking it, and what kinds of decisions you’re going to be making as a result of that data.

Information Week recently ran a couple of articles which echoed this sentiment.

In Big Decisions Drive Big Data Success, an interview with Steve Jones, director of strategy for big data and analytics company Capgemini revealed that many businesses do not think to do this.

“Jones said that enterprises often run into trouble when the focus on data rather than decisions. …If you don’t know what you’re trying to improve you’re really just shooting in the dark…your project’s goals must be clear from the start. ‘It’s really about understanding where your business needs to improve and working out where these tools help, rather than starting with the technology and trying to find [where] it fits in,’ Jones advised.”

In Big Data: Start Small, Think Big the magazine spoke to Raj Sabhlok, president of Manage Engine. Sabhlok expressed similar sentiments by expressing the need to work with “actionable data.”

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