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Make the Most of Data Mining Conferences with Proper Training

Data Mining ConferenceOne of the best ways to discover the full potential of data mining and predictive analytics is to learn from how others employ it to their advantage. Data mining conferences are an excellent way to network with other business people who undertake data mining projects and find inspiration in their ideas and successes. As well participants are exposed to product and service vendors and the latest technology trends. There are data mining conferences sponsored by universities, companies and business associations.

But such conferences can be daunting without a basic understanding of data mining methods and principles. Before you attend a data mining conference, you should establish a baseline understanding of the technology’s capabilities and limitations as well as risks and potential rewards. Establishing a baseline appreciation of predictive modeling will allow conference participants to make the most of their overall conference investment.

Take the Spike Out of the Data Mining Learning Curve with TMA

The Modeling Agency offers a number of free webinars and in-depth training courses that will prepare you to interact far more confidently at data mining conferences.

TMA’s Predictive Analytics and Data Mining course series, for example, is a comprehensive program designed to bring you up to speed on data mining concepts and processes more efficiently and effectively than any other course on the market. The series is comprised of two courses that can be attended independently or as a comprehensive view of the practice.

The Model Development course covers data mining methods, tactics and techniques. The Strategic Implementation course is the strategic orientation that presents project design, deployment and hands-on examples of data mining in action.

Learn from Respected, Senior-Level Experts

All TMA courses are instructed by highly seasoned senior-level data mining experts who can convey the realities of the data mining practice so that you’re well equipped to evaluate vendors and ask great questions of presenters and participants.

To evaluate how TMA can guide you in getting much more out of your conference investment by rapidly establishing a basic capability, register for a free one-hour predictive modeling webinar. Or, if you’re ready to jump in with both feet, check out TMA’s training schedule to find a course that will prepare you for an upcoming conference.

Data Mining Webinar

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Determine whether TMA training is right for you, and learn why TMA is truly the best option for live classroom analytics training.