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Is Your Customer Service Ready For Millennials?

Is your customer service ready for millennials?

Is your customer service ready for millennials?

Many businesses are constantly seeking the loyalty of the Millennial generation, but few are able to take advantage of this highly profitable demographic. Forbes released a study stating that the Millennial generation represents around $600 billion in spending opportunities and by 2020, they will spend an average of $1.4 trillion annually. It’s crucial that businesses understand this young demographic in order to win them over, and one sure way to attract them is with excellent customer service brought about by data analytics.

The Millennial Challenge

Since millennials are known as the generation that grew up with the boom of the Internet, it’s important that every business has an online presence. Their brick and mortar store and their website should present a unified identity and provide an experience that’s easy, immediate and convenient. Data analytics helps to decipher customer patterns and see where you could improve your business. Businesses could lose the patronage of millennials if they don’t adapt to the information they receive or if their physical and online channels are inconsistent.

Every business has troves of information that’s waiting to be sifted through. Learning more about data mining can help companies find the crucial data that reveals everything they need to know about their customers.

Go Digital

It’s no surprise that millennials are the ones who use mobile technology the most. A study by Comscore revealed that they spend around 96 hours a week on the internet and 69% of that time is spent on a mobile device. Aside from engaging with social media sites, they are heavy users of online shopping apps and platforms. This is another great opportunity for businesses to reel in the millennial generation. Since this demographic is very social, brands need to be quick to respond with social and digital marketing.

Data Insights, Predictive Analytics And More

Data analytics provides great insights into the entire customer journey and allows you to tailor each experience to the customer. It’s a crucial step in modern business that companies need to adapt to. Several data analytics training programs are available for those companies who want to glean valuable insights about the millennial customer across each and every platform. There are several predictive analytics tools and platforms that can help you forecast a consumer’s behavior throughout any step in their journey. With a personalized message, you provide a lasting and effective customer experience every single time.

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