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In a World Where Data Analysis Predicts Blockbusters

ClapperThe New York Times recently ran an article on the ways data mining is being used in Hollywood to predict sales at the box office. It turns out that there are some tangible factors that pop up in movies that do well vs. those that receive two-thumbs-down from moviegoers.

The industry leader in this enterprise is former statistics professor Vinny Bruzzese.

“Demons in horror movies can target people or be summoned,” Mr. Bruzzese said in a gravelly voice, by way of example. “If it’s a targeting demon, you are likely to have higher opening-weekend sales than if it’s summoned, so get rid of that Ouija Board scene.”

“Bowling scenes tend to pop up in films that fizzle…Therefore it’s statistically unwise to include one in your script. A cursed superhero never sells as well as a guardian superhero, one like Superman who acts as a protector.”

The average Hollywood film costs over $60 million to produce. It stands to reason that execs would want to have some guidance about what works and what doesn’t before investing any money into a film.

Bruzzese’s example only helps to demonstrate how data mining can help isolate what customers really like and want. That means that they have a better experience because companies can then deliver without messy guesswork.

Of course, there are some people who fear that this means that we’ll all be stuck in a world of bland products (and movies). But these fears are unfounded. Data mining is only a tool.

There are a lot of different ways to write movies with targeting demons and guardian superheroes, after all.

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