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How Predictive Analytics Helps Companies Hire Better Employees

GreatHireIf you ask the right questions, predictive analytics can help you solve almost any kind of business problem. Kenexa has recently used it to hire better, more successful employees.

A bad hire can be costly. Department of Labor statistics note that a typical bad hire will cost companies 30% of that employee’s first year salaries. Hire enough bad employees and those costs add up fast. Thus, it makes sense to identify which traits will make someone more successful at your organization.

And those traits may not be exactly what you’d assume. Kenexa learned that the data could be useful for dispelling persistent, costly myths.

[An] example is the conventional wisdom that says successful salespeople must have an outgoing personality, are naturally friendly, and are able to get along with everyone. What IBM Kenexa’s team of more than 100 behavioral scientists discovered by studying more than 1,000 salespeople in several companies across diverse industry verticals is that success at work is more likely to occur when salespeople have emotional courage and persistence. This is the ability to stay engaged at work and keep trying even when you’ve been told “no” time after time. Our data shows salespeople who exhibit these traits consistently are the cream of the crop in their profession.

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