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How Data Mining Can Assist Internal Operations

30396724From maintaining morale to identifying the talent that will help the company succeed, Human Resources is the pulse of any business and the key to supporting effective practices. Certainly, happy employees are more efficient, and promoting the strongest performers will plainly help you get ahead, but how can a business owner know for sure which benefits are most appreciated or how well an individual works? Mining your records for proven data is the most reliable answer.

We can all take a lesson from Google, named the ‘Best Place to Work’ by Fortune Magazine for the fourth consecutive year. Not only are Google’s internal processes focused on collecting and utilizing their data to maintain employee satisfaction, but also making sure to keep their best and brightest. From which size plates are preferred in the cafeteria to which retirement plans are most appreciated by employees, Google knows how every decision affects the day-to-day satisfaction of their employees. The same is true for their management decisions; utilizing over 100 different variable to analyze and predict outcomes, Google can be certain that those chosen for promotion to management roles have been carefully assessed and proven to support company growth.

Now, It’s true that Google is a data genius with more resources than the average small or medium-sized business, but are there lessons here that apply across the board? Perhaps to your company? Most assuredly. No matter the size of your infrastructure, mining your data allows you to stay connected with  a no-nonsense view of what’s going on. Data won’t mislead you or your decision making process, so you can clearly observe the practices that really worked.

For more specifics on Google’s internal affairs and why they work so very well, read Business2Community‘s captivating article. If you’re ready to delve into your own data and would like to learn more about The Modeling Agency’s webinars, designed to help you learn the best practices for data mining, read on here.

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