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Higher Education Turns to Predictive Analytics

CollegeGraduationRetention and graduation rates are big problems for higher education. So colleges are turning to predictive analytics to solve the problem.

USA Today ran a story about Degree Compass, a predictive analytics program that helps students choose their best path to graduation. The program uses a personalized predictive engine that’s similar to the ones used by Netflix and

“From the data we’ve collected, we can see that students are doing significantly better across the board,” [Tristan ] Denly [provost and vice president for Academic and Student Affairs at Austin Peay State University] said. “As a general trend, there is a tight correlation between recommended courses and completion of hours towards graduation.

Denly noted that the achievement gap between federal financial aid recipients and non-recipients as well as the gap between white and minority students have both narrowed significantly.

This is a nice demonstration of how predictive analytics can be used to provide customers with a highly personalized experience. Ultimately, these individual recommendations are beneficial to both the organization that offers the recommendation and the customer that receives them.

Some industries lend themselves to this kind of personalized treatment better than others, of course. And every organization has different problems to solve. That means that every business will need to use predictive analytics in different ways.

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