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Most Health Organizations Falling Behind on Business Intelligence

healthcareMany health organizations are improving services and operations with the help of data mining and predictive analytics. However, Government Health IT reports that more than half of all healthcare systems (58%) have not implemented any business intelligence systems at all.

This represents a significant threat to the bottom line of health organizations thanks to pay-for-performance initiatives.

“With how the business of healthcare is shifting, organizations that have not implemented, or are not planning to implement, a business intelligence solution run the risk of losing ground quickly,” said Ryan Skains, TEKsystems director of healthcare services. “Data will be at the heart of how healthcare organizations – hospitals and physicians’ practices – get paid. That is all changing as a result of paradigm shifts in the industry around reimbursement optimization and a change from a fee-for-service to a pay-for-performance model.”

Lack of skills and IT staffing problems were also cited as top concerns. Fortunately, health care systems do not necessarily have to hire data scientists or PhDs to bring their operations up to date. Good strategists who have an excellent understanding of the business of health care can often make the right strategic decisions using existing software and relatively straightforward methods if they’ve been given the proper training.

TMA’s training courses can provide this background. Each of TMA’s four data mining training courses takes between 1 and 5 days. That means existing staff members could be sent to address the business intelligence problem but would not need to obtain additional degrees.

If you are a healthcare administrator searching for solutions to your business intelligence problem then consider signing up for TMA’s free webinar. Data Mining: Failure to Launch will give you a great deal of the background and information that you will need to solve these challenges.

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