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Finding Good Analytics Books for Beginners

Composition with hardcover books in the library“Can you recommend some good books?” It’s a question that comes up quite often in TMA webinars.

Finding good books can be pretty difficult. That is because most of the books that are out there right now will actually lead you in the wrong direction.

This is because many books are still focused where many technicians are focused: on building better algorithms. They completely ignore the strategic approach that TMA teaches.

There is one good book. Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning” by Tom Davenport is a book which really focuses on getting the business value out of the analytics.

Of course, after you’re done reading Tom’s excellent work you might well want to dive in even deeper. At that point, it’s difficult to steer you in the direction of any good reading material.

That doesn’t mean you have to end your explorations, however. You can, for example, choose to download some open source software packages. Then, take a look at the documentation. Look at the example data sets.

This will give you a feel for how this type of analytics works within the context of setting clear, concise business objectives.

Of course, you can also choose to expand your education by signing up for TMA’s training courses as well. You’ll receive hours of materials which will help you dive into analytics in a way that will continue to produce results.

This is where you want to focus your energy anyway. You can build the most beautiful model in the world, but it’s not going to help you if it measures all of the wrong things. And reading all of the books in the world won’t help you until you wrap your head around a process which will help you derive actionable intelligence from the mountains of data that your organization has collected.

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