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A Data Savvy Company Doesn’t Need Data Scientists

A Data Savvy Company Doesn't Need Data Scientists

If you want your company to be more data savvy, forget about recruiting data scientists. Creating a data driven culture and training your current staff is more valuable than any data scientist. Data, its application and analysis, is becoming increasingly important in every department, from marketing to sales and from HR to research. Take a look at some tips to help encourage a culture shift in your organization to one that is more data focused:

  • Focus on learning how to ask the right questions:

One of the big misconceptions with data and analytics is that people think that the issue lies with the data itself. More often than not, it’s because people are asking the wrong questions. Learning how to ask the right questions can sometimes be more important than knowing how to write algorithms! For example, instead of beginning with all the data you currently have, you should ask which exact data points you need to get the answers that you require.

  • Embrace the ways that data can help people in their specifci role:

Someone in HR doesn’t have to learn about data collected from leads and sales. However, he can benefit from data related to proper workflow, employee productivity and efficient time management. Each role in your company can stand to benefit from different reports and information.

  • Understand that data is complemented by human analysis and insight:

It is normal for some employees to feel threatened by the possibility of added automation and data in the workplace. Reassure those involved that data also requires interpretation, analysis and proper implementation.

There are more opportunities to stand out and innovate today than ever before, but the organizations that will succeed are those that are open minded about their data assets and encourage new developments in analytics. Data scientists aren’t a requirement! A data savvy culture can empower each individual employee to see the big picture and be able to do something to improve it as well.

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