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A Collaborative Fast-Path Implementation

of a Full Predictive Analytic Process Cycle



Process Level Focus

EscortExpress™ concentrates the advantages of AnalyticEscort™ into an accelerated implementation of a single live project at the process level. EscortExpress™ brings the combined benefits of internal modeling process development, reduced implementation time, end-to-end tailored process templating, substantial risk reduction for project deployment, and knowledge transfer for ownership of the resulting process.

EscortExpress™ brings combined benefits to those who:

    • Do not have the budget, time, buy-in or need for full analytic practice development; or
    • Already have significant analytic capability, but require a more common strategic process and platform to streamline and standardize an otherwise ad-hoc modeling operation; and
    • Have already taken TMA’s Strategic Implementation course to track more efficiently through an aggressive program.


Thanks to the great capabilities of modern software and the tactical skill of the modern practitioner, analysts almost consistently arrive at more than adequate predictive models to the task. However, when taking the model live, very few arrive at understandable or actionable results that are adopted by the operation or organization. Most analytic practitioners are building well-engineered cars… then losing the race due to strategic shortcomings. They’re great mechanics, but inexperienced drivers when it comes to realizing organizational impact.

Full analytic process implementation goes far beyond the tactical development of a predictive model. With EscortExpress™, your team will learn and fulfill each task within the tactical and strategic stages that make up each phase of TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™.


TMA’s Modeling Practice Framework™

The resulting process insists that environmental influences, situational constraints, resource availability, data condition and velocity, leadership motivations, performance metrics — and a host of other strategic considerations are carefully assessed prior to tactical implementation. This formal design and planning approach ensures that risks are minimized and organizational goals are achieved with clear measurements. And because implementation is conducted collaboratively, your organization retains the capability to own and operate the process forward.


EscortExpress™ is a condensed, fast-paced blend of consulting and training. This service product is designed to train your practitioners to design, build and run a formal analytic process through live implementation. EscortExpress™ applies the vast experience and oversight of a highly seasoned senior predictive modeling consultant. A staged progression of on-site and remote collaboration provides the combined benefits of tailored process development with skill retention.

The Modeling Agency is vendor-neutral and method-agnostic, yet proficient with nearly all analytic tools on the market. EscortExpress™ will work with the predictive modeling tool(s) you already have in house, or apply a highly capable open-source modeling tool.

You’ll realize early gains and sustained benefits with this service product. AnalyticEscort™ provides:

    • A common analytic platform customized to your environment, resources and objectives from which your practitioners can produce ongoing models
    • Custom templates and process guides that standardize and document various tasks from metrics development to data transformations, modeling methods, and results visualization
    • Substantially reduced risk through superior process design that includes comprehensive strategic considerations to avoid common yet elusive pitfalls at the project level
    • Residual payback from a resulting process that equips your existing practitioners to rapidly develop tailored models that are fully goal-driven
    • Retained skills to operate the resulting process and develop new actionable models within it

With TMA’s available EscortOnCall™ remote mentorship retainer service, your team will have access to ongoing support and guidance to overcome challenges, maneuver hurdles or make process adjustments.



  • It is strongly recommended, but not required, that team analyst(s) attend TMA’s “Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: Strategic Implementation” course


  • There are two 2-day on-site workshops separated by two to six weeks of remote collaborative development time.
  • The remote collaboration timeframe will be jointly considered and defined prior to initiation. Primary factors determining the remote collaboration include existing analytic experience, environment and resource complexity, and available team bandwidth.


  • The collaborative development process establishes a delicate relationship between vendor and client. As project lead, TMA must rely upon your organization’s commitment to fulfill requests and assignments in a timely manner to achieve project milestones and meet final delivery deadlines.
  • TMA’s Work Order will outline mutual responsibilities and assumptions, along with understandings related to the impact of delays. Anticipating and covering these representations in advance assures greater project accountability, minimizes impact of the unexpected, and lays the foundation for a productive relationship.



      • The savings realized by putting an end to wasteful ad-hoc analytics and unguided information discovery that reveals ‘interesting insights’ but rarely adds measurable benefit to the organization
      • The savings from not throwing more money at hard and soft resources that focus on technology and tactics when most analytic project level shortcomings are strategic
      • The gains of streamlining a formal process to rapidly churn out models that are targeted to organizational priorities
      • The gains of a more confident, motivated and capable analytic team with new strategic skills to derive more value and enhance their professional profile
      • The compounding residual gains realized from a fully owned and operated goal-driven solution that insists upon results that are purposeful, measurable and actionable


      • Two-Hour Preparatory Phone Meeting to discuss your organization’s situation, resources, team roles and project objectives.
      • Remote Resource Evaluation to explore the data and begin training and implementation customization based upon sample data and a data dictionary
      • Two-Day Predictive Analytics Implementation Training to convey the overarching process model, initiate collaborative development, and leave the analytic team with the implementation plan between events, with TMA’s remote oversight
      • Ten hours of EscortOnCallTM remote mentorship, valid for 180 days. Between events is where the greatest learning and skill development occurs: exposure to the natural messiness of analytics. However, your team is never alone. Through 10 hours of EscortOnCallTM your TMA senior consultant will closely interact with your team to ensure steady progress toward the Application Workshop.
      • Two-Day Interactive Application Workshop to review development progress, complete process implementation and roadmap how model results will translate to performance metrics as well as final reporting for the project. Process maintenance and model lifecycle management will also be covered.
      • Training supplements, Excel workbook project tracking templates and process guides along with their contents populated during development
      • Process Documentation of data transformations, preparation, modeling methodology, validation process, metrics evaluation and lifecycle maintenance plan
      • Collaborative development of one predictive model*. Key assumptions for this model include:
        • Must have valid data that supports the stated objective
        • Data should be presented in a flat file structure with labels in the first row
        • A complete data dictionary with definitions of all eligible values along with the target variable clearly identified
        • Key assumptions must be documented to ensure a targeted program
      • A sustainable predictive modeling process with the internal skills and assets to operate, maintain and effectively translate results for leadership

  • *1. A best effort model will be produced within the workshop time available.
  • *2. A completed prototype model deliverable is one which has created an initial scored output file. Accuracy of results will vary, based on previously unknown data conditions.
  • *3. All unused services expire 180 days after package initiation. Full consumption of services is encouraged to attain maximum effect.

Invite an exploratory call with a TMA solutions consultant at (281) 667-4200 ext 4, or by web form to explore further in the context of your specific situation and objectives.

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