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Retain A Senior-Level Predictive Modeling

Mentor, Coach And Collaborator


    • The Beginner: “We’re ready to dig into data mining, but not certain how or where to begin. We need expert counsel prior to designing a formal project or selecting a solution.”
    • The Practitioner: “We already have data mining tools and general proficiency, but lack the expertise required to be fully confident in our process, results and overall impact.”
    • The Expert: “We have extensive experience in predictive modeling, but seek additional strategic perspective, fresh ideas, and expansion of our analytical toolbox.”
    • The Analytic Team: “Spikes in demand sometimes overwhelm our capability to fulfill.
      It’s a relief to maintain on-demand bandwidth flexibility and vendor-neutral collaboration.”
    • The Round Table: “We need a subject expert to supplement our domain expertise. We wish to enrich brainstorming sessions and accelerate planning exercises”
    • The Hurdle: “When the natural messiness of data mining unexpectedly presents challenges, it’s convenient and reassuring to have an open line to a pro. We want to maneuver pitfalls as they are encountered, and expand our skill set along the way.”
    • The Fire: “Ok. We’re in a bind. We need an expert fire hose-runner immediately to get us unstuck and back on track before anyone notices! No time for contracts and approvals… we need the insurance of immediate and scalable time from an expert who’s seen it all.”


…and heck, take all the credit too!

With outstanding data mining software tools and solutions enabling business practitioners to build highly effective models, organizations are discovering that they are able to establish their own internal predictive modeling practice without a bench of PhDs or senior statisticians. While these tools automate the advanced tactics of model development, there are many strategic aspects throughout the discovery process of data mining that no commercial tool can address.

Wire Support supplements the capabilities of your existing team and tools by establishing ad-hoc senior-level data mining expertise. Simply open up a Wire Support account, and you’ve instantly added a wealth of experience and capability to your existing bench… without expanding payroll, administrating complicated contracts or taking elevated risk on larger commitments.

With TMA’s broad base of strategic and technical data mining expertise across industries, you’ll achieve far more than you could otherwise, avoid costly pitfalls, and rapidly expand your internal knowledge base.

And TMA maintains a solid level of proficiency with most commercial and open-source modeling tools on the market. When it comes to data mining, there’s hardly a question or issue we can’t address — quickly and thoroughly.

We’ll get you the answers you want, guide you through it, show you how it’s done, implement any data mining tasks you wish to delegate, then remain on-call until next time you need us. And in the interim when we’re not actively working, you’re not paying a dime.


Wire Support has long been one of TMA’s most popular service offerings. And its no wonder why. Here’s a sampling of the many ways in which existing clients leverage their Wire Support account:

    • Ad-hoc data mining problem solving, hurdle jumping, and challenge busting
    • Short, asynchronous training and mentorship sessions by phone or web conference
    • Outsourced modeling tasks without having to administrate each small engagement
    • Guidance in developing RFPs, vendor and tool evaluations, and project assessments
    • Second opinions on proposed project designs, scope and overall solution approach
    • Ongoing project collaboration and sharing of responsibilities with mentorship
    • Instant expansion of fulfillment bandwidth and expertise to maintain deadlines
    • Substantial time savings in researching best practices or product support
    • Review of strategic and tactical approach, and validation of modeling results
    • Assistance in results interpretation, report preparation and presentation delivery
    • Data mining inquiries of any kind — addressed quickly by phone, email or web conference


Simply put, Wire Support is a prepaid retainer account to provide remote open access to a TMA senior consultant. Beyond holding technical and tactical expertise in data mining methods and techniques, each TMA senior consultant must also possess the acumen to serve as seasoned business consultants and strategic problem solvers. These are data mining project leaders across industries who interact fluently with any organizational role and have encountered virtually every conceivable challenge and environmental dynamic attributed to predictive modeling.

If you’re responsible for investigating data mining or implementing a project, there’s no greater assurance you can rely upon than TMA’s Wire Support. It’s highly efficient, scalable, dynamic and a snap to activate. Here’s how Wire Support works:

      • Account Activation: Wire Support is sold in 10-hour blocks and consumed in 15-minute increments. Multiple blocks may be purchased in a single transaction, with an economy of scale for larger commitments. An account may be activated instantly with a purchase order or credit card by phone or a secure online account activation form.
    • Consultant Assignment: Upon account activation, you will be contacted by a project manager for a brief, off-the-clock acquaintance call. A TMA senior data mining consultant will be recommended based primarily on your application area(s) of focus. If your situation changes, or you require greater bandwidth or breadth of coverage, you may be introduced to other senior consultants on TMA’s staff.
    • Interactions: TMA’s senior consultant is at your call. Contact your consultant anytime you wish by phone or email. The consultant is obligated to respond to all requests within three business days. But consultants respond within the same day the vast majority of the time. For support requests that will likely consume more than 30 minutes, it is recommended that sessions be scheduled with your consultant in advance.
    • Statements: Monthly statements reflecting all activity and a current balance of time through month’s end are sent by the 5th day of the following month. As well, a current statement may be requested through at anytime.
    • Renewal: Wire Support accounts expire upon full consumption or 180 days after activation when less than 4 blocks are purchased. When any Wire Support package of 4 or more blocks is purchased, the account expires at 365 days. When a wire support account is renewed, all active remaining time in the account is reset to the new expiration date. To encourage the greatest value and benefit, TMA actively encourages full consumption.


If you’re ready work faster, smarter and achieve more in data mining starting right now, secure the guidance and support of a seasoned TMA senior-level data mining consultant.

Call (281) 667-4200 Option 4, or complete the secure online account activation form. It’s a small, low-risk investment with immediate and substantial gains.

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