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Data Mining Helps Make the World a Better Place

NonProfitAny organization can make big strides with data mining and predictive analytics, so long as the organization can tackle the key issues: defining the problem and coming up with a strategy to make the data deliver actionable insights., a Reuter’s website, reported on a case study that helps to demonstrate the real impact that is to be had when these techniques are used.

In fact, they can be used for a lot more than reducing fraud or increasing sales. The data can also be used to deliver actionable insights that actually saves peoples lives.

Data mining led UNICEF to make improvements in health, water, and sanitation services around the world. They were able to use the data to find the world’s neediest children and to improve their resource allocation practices. This, in turn, allowed UNICEF to serve more people last year.

Innovation in data collection, analysis and dissemination is making it possible to paint a more precise picture of children’s needs in different areas. For example, knowing a child’s location, sex, economic and disability status makes intervention more inclusive and effective.

These improvements saved 90 million additional lives last year.

What kinds of problems can your non-profit organization solve with the help of data mining and predictive analytics? It all starts with property training and with learning the strategies that can make data start revealing its secrets.

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