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Data Mining For Better Human Resources Decisions

Data Mining For Better Human Resources Decisions

Data Mining For Better Human Resources Decisions

With the power of data mining, Human Resources departments are becoming more efficient and effective at making better hires and many other functions. Matching candidates to needed positions is now easier, especially in cases where a significant number of positions need to be filled or several projects require qualified employees within a short period of time. Traditional methods take longer, are more unpredictable and human judgment in general can be unreliable when it comes to hiring new employees.

Cases where both successful and unsuccessful projects are compared show that data mining can make a significant difference as it helps to figure out patterns that show the potential for advantages and deficiencies that can be remedied by targeted employee training. One example is how data mining techniques can pinpoint if lacking a specific skill often leads to a project’s failure while the availability of that same skill more likely results in success. Data mining can also help human resources departments in automating evaluations of its current employees.

Making use of data mining techniques not only reduces expenses, it also shortens the time it takes to process applications and leads to quicker response times and the filling of needed positions.

In the Human Resources industry, data mining has been an indispensable tool during times of company restructuring, such as the period of time after mergers or downsizing. Due to its scalability, employment agencies or large organizations that require assigning positions to hundreds of personnel or are under reorganization can complete the task in a short period of time.

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