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Will TMA’s Training Help You Launch Your Data Mining Career?


Many of those seeking training through TMA’s courses are doing so because they have their eyes on a new career in data mining and predictive analytics. Naturally, they want to know if employers will see the value in the completion of the course.

It would be simple to offer a “yes” or “no” answer to this question. However, it’s probably more useful to take an in-depth look at what TMA training courses do for students.

TMA’s courses are not just seminars. They are also intensives…concentrated, aggressive classes designed to give you real world experience in the art and science of enhancing business performance. A great deal of this education is offered before you ever set foot in the classroom. TMA sends you 10 modules that will introduce you to the core modeling concepts that you need to know in order to get the most out of the class. These modules take 15 to 40 minutes to complete. If you don’t do them you’ll be lost by the time you reach the classroom! If you do take the time to complete them, however, you’ll be well-positioned to make yourself employable.

Your attractiveness as a business intelligence employee will not necessarily come from the certificate you receive at the end of the class, however. Nor will the course itself turn you into “top talent” all by itself. After all, taking a few lessons with a pro golfer does not usually turn the student into a pro golfer. That takes time, practice, and dedication that can’t happen in a matter of days.

Instead, you’ll stand out because of the way that you converse with employers about data mining issues. You’ll find that you’ll be able to offer an approach that is very different (and far more insightful) than the one that will be offered by most of your competitors.

That’s because TMA will take you beyond software skills. You’ll learn project planning so that you can produce actionable insights for your organization. You’ll also be equipped to navigate some of the inevitable political conflicts that crop up whenever anyone launches a new data mining project.

That means the answers that you will be offering during your next job interview will be far more interesting and convincing than the answers offered by the typical candidate. For example, a common interview question is: “How do you make your models more accurate?”

You will be able to offer this diplomatic reply: “Model accuracy is really only important if the project is defined and designed appropriately. Otherwise, you’ve just created a faster car that’s running in the wrong direction.”

The other answers you offer would then continue to flow from this unique perspective, because by the time you’ve completed TMA”s training courses you should be well-equipped to think about and solve complex business problems.

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