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Data Analytics Poised to Improve Cyberdefense Techniques

hackersThe danger posed by hackers touches every organization or individual who uses a computer. According to CIO Today, data analytics may help cyberdefense teams become more effective at meeting those dangers.

The article discussed new companies currently receiving investment capital to create these innovations. But it also explained how data analytics are expected to change the field.

What we are witnessing is the transition away from increasingly ineffective firewalls and anti-virus blacklists to new systems that assume the bad guys are deep inside most corporate networks–and the smartest thing to do is to find and eradicate them.

Gartner estimates that companies globally will spend $3.2 billion–and consumers $5.1 billion–on traditional anti-virus software this year. But venture capitalists are betting that companies will have to spend billions more in years to come on the next generation of intelligent cyberdefense.

Crowd Strike and Alien Vault are among several start-ups turning crowdsourcing and big data analytics into new defensive weaponry.

…[George] Kurtz [of Crowd Strike] says its high time for the good guys to do more than try to deflect bullets ceaselessly fired by the bad guys. “In the real world you wouldn’t ask if it’s a 9 mm bullet or a .45 caliber whizzing by your head,” says Kurtz. “You’d get out of the way and find out who is shooting at you and why.”

It will be interesting to see what innovations arise from these efforts.

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