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Data Analytics Comes to Land Management

TWDThe Texas Parks and Wildlife Department faces several business problems. The population is expanding, but sales have been flat. Marketing costs are high. According to GCN, however, Texas is seeing solutions because they are turning to data analytics, and they are doing so the right way.

TPWD started by creating a database called the License Utilization and Revenue Enhancement System (LURES). This system drew disparate databases together to create complete customer profiles.

The data has been used several different ways, including:

  • Stocking fish in lakes closer to where anglers live.
  • Encouraged fishing among middle class Hispanic populations.
  • Launched special programs like “Big Time Texas Hunts” to generate revenue.
  • Used a targeted e-mail campaign to reduce marketing costs by 90%.

TPWD’s data analyst John Taylor reported a rather common experience. Data is helping TPWD transform decisions that were once made on a “gut level” into smarter, data-based decisions.

TPWD provides a nice example of a reasonable data analytics expansion program as well. After learning exactly how to gather successes from the data they are choosing to apply data to every department. But they didn’t do that right away. They learned how to create business intelligence programs that worked, first.

Where should you start if you’re ready to apply the power of data to your organization? Good data analytics begins with a good training program, one that teaches organizations and people how to ask the right questions and treat the data the right way.

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