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Data Analysis Helps Gem Miners

OpalAccording to The University of Sydney in Australia, data analysis is taking the opal mining industry into the 21st century. Data analysts are helping miners find promising unexplored areas by targeting the conditions that are optimal for opal mining formations.

“Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, but no new significant opal discoveries have been made since the early 1900s. Most opal exploration is carved out by individual miners digging in desolate areas around old opal fields in the Great Artesian Basin.”

The University of Sydney’s data mining strategy has turned this around. It has already successfully identified lucrative new opportunities, one of which has already been confirmed as a successful mining location.

This information and technique could prove invaluable to companies like Gemfields who are interested in bringing more order to the gem mining industry. Gemfields has expressed a desire to create a more predictable supply of precious gemstones, especially colored varieties like emeralds.

After all, Gemfields would simply need to apply the same technique to the geologic data that is the most conducive to locating emeralds instead of opals.

In fact, this data mining process seems like it would be absolutely instrumental to any attempts to modernize mining, since it reduces the chances that labor costs and other resources would be wasted on places that aren’t going to be productive.

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