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Content Marketing And Predictive Analytics

Content Marketing And Predictive Analytics

Companies should always prioritize using data analytics to measure how audiences react to content, but what’s even more important is to gather data that is actionable and helpful. With the help of predictive analytics, companies are more informed about the topics that are most relevant to their audiences. Content creators use insights to reach a specific set of people. Data mining also plays a big part due to the wealth of insights related to browsing history, purchase history, and even preferences to articles.

An important aspect of analytics concerns determining why users visit a company’s website, as well as what type of content makes them stay. A study has shown that pages that use content analytics get 77% more page views than content made without the help of analytics. Effectively using content and data analytics is also known to greatly improve a business’ ROI, with improvements reaching as high as 30% when it comes to marketing performance. Understanding what type of people click on specific content, and how long they stay on a certain page, can greatly help marketers make content that resonates.

Improving the ROI of content marketing can only be done if companies understand what works and what doesn’t. Determining the metrics that are important in the digital publishing industry is essential as well because these metrics help companies refine marketing strategies.

By using shares, comments, inbound links, likes and tweets among others, marketers can determine engagement and views that will help measure brand awareness. As more and more companies gain better insights from data, the importance of using predictive analytics to create effective marketing strategies steadily increases.

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