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Can Predictive Analytics Fight Forest Fires?

ForestFireOne of the biggest challenges fire fighters face when it comes to wildfires is figuring out how to predict how they’ll behave well enough to fight them effectively. However, predictive analytics is helping with this problem. covered these developments in a recent podcast.

CNET’s Molly Wood says one example is firefighters using big data to predict wildfire movement.

“So what they’re able to do is actually set artificial fires, kind of in an artificial reality, and model how they would burn. So then they can actually send information to the firefighters in the field in real time, and say, ‘we think the fire is going to go this way, we think it’s going to go the other way.’ Obviously its information that can not only help them put out a fire but hopefully save lives.”

Molly Wood also talked about using the data to do targeting clearing. This type of clearing would allow for some limited but much-needed wildfire prevention.

Forest rangers already collect a lot of data during the course of their day. To date, however, all of that data has been used in an inefficient fashion, demonstrating how organizations can be data rich but information poor.

Here is the podcast. It’s a 4 minute interview with Molly, and it does a good job of covering some of the potential issues as well as the potential benefits.

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