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Big Data Skills In Demand for Marketing Professionals

MarketerWithDataBig data is becoming incredibly important for marketers. Marketing Pilgrim recently released the results of a study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which found that companies want to see big data skills in their marketing professionals.

It’s not about turning marketers into mathematicians, however. The focus is primarily on knowing how to use data once it’s been acquired. It’s also about generating insights and predictions about consumer behaviors and using these insights in a productive way.

According to Information Week, however, few marketers can deliver the goods.

“This change in the required skill set…has created a challenge for marketers as 45% of executives now view marketers’ limited capacity in data analysis as a major obstacle to implementing more effective strategies–second only to inadequate budgets for digital marketing and database management.”

Source – EIU Executive Summary

So what can you do to get your marketing staff ahead of the curve?

The key to solving this issue is, of course, is to arm your marketing staff with effective training that will help them understand how best to use the results of any big data program.

You can teach your marketing staff how to ask the right questions, such as the ones outlined in a recent Forbes article discussing marketers and data.

“This starts with simple questions like: how did our last campaign perform? What keywords drive conversions? What websites did my prospects visit before they came to my sites? Which social conversations are spurring the action that lead to deeper engagement with your brand?

…Matt Auker from McKinsey had similar thoughts when he suggests marketers start their Big Data projects by thinking of the end goal and then working through all the details. This so-called “destination-thinking” will help the strategic marketer avoid the traps of many Big Data marketing projects.”

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