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Big Data Helps EdTech Companies Meet the Needs of K-12 Schools

LockersIndirectly, Junyo might help the educational system improve, just as it originally hoped to do in a more direct fashion.

Junyo founder Steve Schoettler originally hoped to solve problems in K-12 education. But big data can’t solve everything, especially when public schools are so ill-positioned to collect actionable data.

Tech Crunch recently covered Junyo’s change in direction and the release of the company’s EdLights product.

“Essentially, EdLights aggregates and parses the enormous amount of publicly available data on K-12 schools (it’s now using over 100 data sets) to deliver those diverse data points in a simple user interface that schools and marketers can understand. By building collections of data points on nearly every public school in the U.S. and making those collections easily searchable, Junyo wants to help both schools and the vendors that serve them (which have increased nearly one-hundredfold over the last five years…) get a more comprehensive picture of the education market.”

That helps ed tech make sales. But will it help schools?

As it happens, maybe so.

“Schoettler gives the example of a start-up selling a math product, which, by using EdLights, would be able to search for schools that have Title One funding and low math scores.

…The biggest problem these companies face is getting their products into the classroom, where students and teachers can benefit from this amazing technology they’ve built. In turn, schools are hungry to find the latest and greatest education products to help personalize instruction and achieve better learning outcomes. We want to help organize all this information so both sides can benefit.”

Theoretically this means that schools which are struggling in certain areas will learn about products that can help them meet those challenges faster, and will thus know where they can spend their money wisely in order to get better results. And, of course, ed tech will know where to focus its efforts.

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